Does anybody on GAGs have postpartum depression?

Little did I know that PPD also happens not just to mothers that just have babies but to those who had miscarriage as well. I had miscarriage about 8 years ago and didn't realize what I had. Occasionally, on and off I would experience sadest, void and empty felling, despression, fatigue, lack of sleep, less appetite, social withdrawal, low self-esteem... Recently I read a book about women who had PPD and it states it also affect women who experienced miscarrage. I'm glad that finally after all these confused, dark years I know what I have, and what I'm dealing with.

My question is if you or know somebody who has one, how do they deal with it? Are the signs/symptoms same what I drescribe above?


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  • PPD specifically is triggered by hormones. It begins a chemical problem, then as time goes on, it feeds into itself and starts to snowball into emotional problems.

    It's been 8 years, so your hormones and everything have likely gone back to normal. But it wouldn't hurt to check. Unlike regular depression, when PPD is caught early, it can be treated almost completely with medication -- and not indefinitely. Just until the body stabilizes.

    You'll likely need a combination of medication and counseling. I recommend seeking out a psychologist. NOT a psychiatrist. If the psychologist thinks you'd benefit from medication, they'll say so and refer you to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists like to dish out meds without trying counseling first.


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  • My sister dealt with it for almost a year after birth. She is fine now. I didn't realize it could last so long but it doesn't surprise me.

    • me either but why aren't you surprised?

    • I only say that because I have some experience with depression myself and have learned a bit about it. It is more prevalent and complex than a lot of people realize.

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