Help! I think my housemate is abusing steroids.

My housemate moved in with me about five months ago. Officially, I am his landlord and he is my tenant, but we quickly became friends and he was an absolute joy to live with. He was funny, kind, always looking out for me and helpful around the house. I trusted him and looked forward to seeing him every day. I knew of course from the start that he went to the gym. He looked bigger than any of my friends--mostly middle aged and concerned with art and collecting obscure records rather than fitness--but nothing eyebrow-raising.

About a month and a half ago, I started noticing some very strange behavioral changes. At first he just seemed more irritable, and started spending a lot of time alone. To be fair, we can all get that way from time to time, and I know he was having some problems, so didn't think much of it. Then he started becoming secretive, short-tempered and crabbier than a two-year old at the mall. He started snapping and yelling at me over utterly trivial matters. And that was just the beginning.

In the last month or so, he has started accusing me of lying about things that no sane person would lie about. He is routinely cruel and verbally abusive. He tells outlandish lies, even when he should know that I know perfectly well that he's lying. He blocked me from his phone and put a new lock on his door. He hasn't met a conspiracy theory that he doesn't like. He accuses me of hating his girlfriend, who I am pretty indifferent toward, though in the interest of full disclosure, I should add that we kind of fooled around once. Me and my housemate that is, not me and his girlfriend.

What's most alarming though is that in the last month he's become absolutely HUGE! I am not the only one who noticed either, a few of my friends commented on it too. I don't know enough about this kind of thing to know if this could happen naturally in such a short period of time, but I suspect not.

I did a bit of snooping--wrong, I know--but found Anavar, Nipertropin and Tryrocine. Lord knows what else I might have found if I had looked harder, and I have no idea what he gets up to at the gym, He of course had all kinds of supplements, two of which I know have have made him very sick, and he told me openly about buying hypodermic needles at Wal-Mart, which sounds crazy.

It all came to a head last week when he came banging on my door at 11:00 at night, accusing me of "putting holes" in his eggs. This is the kind of delusional behavior I expect from people with serious mental illnesses, and it's very worrying. Not saying he may not have mental health issues already, he might.

I welcome any advice in advance. I have zero experience with this kind of drug abuse, and no idea what to expect. Am I wrong to suspect steroids? Is he just a mental case? Have I lost my friend forever? Please help!

I appreciate all the responses given so far, but want to know a bit more about the possible side effects of steroids, and wanting to gain some knowledge, if I can. By the way, my housemate is missing at the moment and not answering any communication.
Thanks everyone for your answers, starting to get a clearer picture here. I wish I were just dealing with someone with a garden variety mental illness or an average drug user, because that's something I know about and can spot a mile off. Thanks for the info about steroids and what they can and cannot do. Will tread lightly and ask more questions as they come up, if that's OK. I really appreciate the help and don't feel so much as if I am wandering in the wilderness now, if you know what I mean.


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  • Well, the term juicing means that he is taking fruits and vegetables and sometimes wheatgrass and blending them in a blender until they are liquid. As a commenter stated below, "He could be juicing", that's what it means.

    I am one who is sort of a body builder, but I don't take it that far. I took classes on Holistic Medicine, and know a bit about "juicing" due to those courses.

    Anavar & Nipertropin are synthetic steroids. These should be avoided at ALL costs. It can play into his mood swings and mood changes. Reason being that a lot of muscle bound guys are a**holes. It's not that they are "into" themselves, it's the steroids.

    Tryrocine is is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins.This is totally safe and sold at all "health food stores". Legally and safe since proteins are needed for healthy muscle growth.

    If he wants to bulk up, there is a healthy alternative to synthetic steroids. It is called Maca root. A ton of "Olympic Teams" have used it over the decades for endurance and strength training. It is totally safe, natural and safe since it is the root of a plant that is native to Peru.

    I will work, but not as good as synthetic steroids for bulking muscle. But it is safer, meaning it has zero side effects. It will get results, but not as much as synthetic, but with synthetic there is many side effects and some are death.

    • The term "juicing" is a slang term for taking steriods. Yes, it is also a literal term for extracting juice from fruits and vegatables.

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    • sorry, I think I misspelled there. I meant single-malt as in single-malt whiskey. Regardless, I don't think he sees that right now, I am probably the only thing standing between him and a world of hurt. And though it will make me sad to do it, I will put him there quick as you please if this nonsense keeps up. But is it from steroids or is he a mental?

    • I would reckon to believe it is from steroids. I have heard simular things from others about others who are taking synthetic steroids. Or really a lot of synthetic drugs fall into that category for that matter. Almost all pharmaceutical drugs or synthetics screw with the body in certain ways. But even malt whiskey is better than malts. ;-), It's made from made from fermented grain mash. So it's still better than what he is doing. The body building is fine, but with steroids, that's body killing.

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  • You can't think about your friendship right now. Seriously, that's totally focusing on the wrong thing. What you need to be focused on is getting out of this situation, and that means evicting him. He is being abusive, and due to his altered mental state, that's not something he's likely to "fix". The best thing you can do is to get him out of there.

    Get some eviction papers drawn up. You will need to give him at least 30 days (you might want to check with the details for your state; it could be longer), and it needs to be done in writing, so find out the legal requirements and start getting it done ASAP.

    You are a landlord and tenant. That's a BUSINESS relationship, and going forward, you need to learn that this is why you don't mix business and pleasure. Things get ugly fast, and often out of the blue and from unexpected vectors.

    Make sure you have a friend with you when you give him the eviction notice. He will be angry, I'm sure. Take pictures of the place beforehand, that way, if he damages anything, you'll have proof of the damage. Send those pictures to a friend for safe-keeping, along with copies of the documents. The friend who is there with you needs to know that if things get out of hand, they need to call the police immediately. That friend needs to be able to tell the pertinent details quickly (the guy started taking steroids, has become unstable, is being evicted, and could get violent), and get them rolling.

    Any dealing with the "friendship" can happen after he is safely moved out, but don't hold out much hope for that. You played the odds mixing business and pleasure, and as most do, you lost. Learn from that and don't repeat that mistake.

    • I know full well that this is primarily a financial transaction, and at the end of the day, I will do what I have to do, friendship or not.. He's welcome to take himself down, but I am not going there with him. My best wishes go with him, but if he has to go, that's all he will get.

    • Good. This is a situation where you have to protect yourself FIRST, and worry about the lesser issues later, once your main situation is secured.

    • Oracle once again offers very good advice. I can't add anything that hasn't been covered here. Solid advice and I wish you well as you walk this very slippery slope. Be safe.


  • Steroids are not to be taken by someone who has not done serious homework about them, and the side effects can be one that your temperment becomes somewhat random, but usually, unless your an a**hole off them your not often a a**hole on them, but you do often become short fused, and small things do get to you a lot more often, and of course, if he is abusing them, then he needs help, because these things will kill you if not used correctly, and no, you don't get big fast unless your on something anabolic. He should be using cycles of 12 weeks on 12 weeks off, with a pct, during the break, but it sounds like he's constantly juiced up, which will mess with your head, and can cause "schitsophenia" not spelt right but hey ho lol. I know a lot of guys who do this stuff, but they know what they are doing, but I can't understand why you would want the side effects, so I don't bother, but some of them are tempermental, but no where near as bad as this guy, so he has got to be juiced up so much, his head can no longer take it, your best bet, is to seek help, because he could become dangerouse if confronted or accused of anything, so speak to someone at an exchange, or anyone who deals with people who do abuse drugs, they will know about steroids and the users, but don't try and deal with this on your own, he is a walking hormone waiting and wanting to explode, be very catious around him, and don't engage in confrontation, as he could snap in a heart beat, and only regret it after he has done it, so please seek help, as he could even get nasty if you ask him to leave, good luck, feel free to keep in touch if you feel the need to,x

    • Thank you, and will stay in touch if you don't mind, because I don't see this situation resolving itself for a while. What you said sounds about right, based on what research I have done, and I might add that it's probably more than he has. He tried to tell me the other day that he got huge by eating chicken and taking "vitamins" called Anavar. My eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head permanently. Guess he thinks I am as stupid as he clearly is.

    • Well I certainly wouldn't call anavar a vitamin lol,x

  • This guy sounds dangerous and I think you need to get him out of your house. Have some backup there when you tell him. Then change your locks.

    He is abusing steroids and maybe other drugs. It sounds like he has some type of psychosis which may or may not be related to the drugs. He sounds like he's potentially violent and could go over the edge at any time.

    You can try talking to him and try to get him to quit. He's not in any way being rational, so don't put much faith in the outcome.

    Your own safety is a priority over your friendship.

    • I hate losing friends to drugs, thought that was over in the '90's, and at least I lost them to things I understand. Never even thought about steroids. I hate what I am about to do, but I am going to do it.

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    • Ive not been in contact with him for two days. He's a graffiti writer so I am praying he's out bombing freights. Might be with his girlfriend or sister, but I kind of doubt it. I hope he's owning someone's heaven right now, but it ain't mine.

    • ETA: He's no longer missing, was out with his girlfriend, so she got to deal with his infantile drama for a few days, bless her. No wonder she only sees him once a week. Would rather he was out writing on trains, but oh well, at least I got a break from him.

  • Drug Abuse? Did he turn into a crazy raging monster from it? If not, then leave him be.

    Steroids is the most hyped and misunderstood out of all the drugs.

    Unless you see him talking to a wall or banging his head against it, leave him be.

    You will probably cause more harm than done.

    • No I didn't see him talking to a wall, but I sure as hell heard him accuse me of sabotaging his eggs. I don't take that as normal behavior.

      Do I think steroids automatically turn people into violent monsters? No. But when I see an otherwise lovely, pleasant person turn huge, and into a giant irrational douche bag, common sense tells me something might be wrong. I don't know a lot about steroids, but I know enough to not just assume they are harmless.

  • Well the amount of testosterone DOES show an affect on how you respond to situations...

    Steroids hasn't been proven to cause roid rage, but plenty of other seemingly less drastic drugs can increase irritability.

    And.. google answers any question.

    I'd remove him if he is so messed up, I do have a friend that bulked up insanely fast.


    • trust me, I have used the hell out of google, but can't decide between "'roid rage" hysteria, or guys saying there is nothing wrong whatsoever with steroids. Also, some of the stuff he is taking, who knows where it came from and what it contains? It's all off the internet or given to him by guys at the gym. He's totally insecure about himself--surprise, surprise--and very likely to believe what he's told by anyone he perceives as a credible resource.

  • I think he's juicing. He could always be juicing and have some other problems as well. He sounds like he may have a psychiatric condition as well. But steroids can cause mood swings and agressive behavior. But paranoia? Delusional behavior? Never heard of that. You should probably start to back away from the situation.

    • Like I said, he could easily have underlying mental health issues as well, but it's hard to know what they may be, or what could be caused by juicing. Any idea what else he might be using? I know very little about steroids.

    • I think that the stuff you've named is enough. I don't know what else, that's a dark world. I know of people who do use than it does make people a little wilder. Especially when mixing with alcohol.

  • This has to do with him being a deranged, deprived individual.

  • I know about steroids so I can give you some facts.

    I don't know what tryocine is but you may have meant Tyrosine which is a harmless amino acid. nipertropin is growth hormone and doesn't affect mood.

    anavar is a steroid but it's considered a mild steroid with few side effects, safe enough in low doses even for women and doesn't lead to roid rage or behavior changes. However you said he's become huge which would be more likely to happen on steroids other than anavar.

    If anavar is the only steroid he's taking it's more likely that this guy is just friggen crazy. he was probably acting phony at first since you guys just met, and over time his true psycho personality came out.

    this almost sound like that movie: single white female.

    • yep, tyrosine is what I meant, sorry about the mis-spell lol. I only mentioned it, and the anavar to say what I have already found, but there has to be more. As you say, he didn't get that huge so fast using those things alone. Don't think he was being phony at first, I think he's at bottom a nice person with a lot of problems who is abusing steroids on top of that, which has turned him into a first-class mental case.

  • well steroids will not do that kind of stuff. roid rage is a myth...a**holes take steroids too.

    that being said people that deal steroids are drug dealers and are likely to deal other drugs then just steroids. I think your roommate is probably doing other street drugs as well.

    so you need him out of your house that's fair what can you legally do? do you have to give him a thirty day notice. is it month to month or is there a less? he hasn't done anything illegal that you can prove legally so what can you do that can protect you and get him out as well? I know if he lives there and has broken no laws that you can prove legally he has the legal right to be there I've had to kick somebody out of my house too and this is the information the cops gave me. I had to consult a lawyer to become aware of my options. I suggest you invest the two hundred bucks for a sit down

    • if he were dealing steroids I assume he'd be able to pay the rent on time. And I have no idea where he gets the money for the sh*t he's clearly already doing.

    • i doubt he is dealing steroids. I know many people who deal steroids and they are chemist as well as body builders. so if he's is not a chemist then I doubt he is the dealer and simply a buyer and that would make sense since he can't pay you

  • I agree with Oracle. You need him out of your life. Does he have friends or family you can contact?

    • He isn't close with his family, and I have no idea how to contact his friends. Even if I did, he might find out it was me, so not worth the risk.

    • Evict him and find a safe place to stay

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