I think my boyfriend has a mental problem.

While we're on the phone he gets distracted alot, usually by the tv. But at some points he's a very good listener. In person I feel like he's really shy around me, I mean I always get a little butterflies in my stomach when I see him. He's always fidgeting with something, when I talk to him he doesn't always make eye contact. When I sort of flirt with him he blushes alittle than looks at me side ways... I'm just adding up all these behaviors. He also doesn't make a lot of facial expressions, I don't know I just feel he's really awkward. Could he just be super shy around me? I'm not his first girlfriend and he's way more experience than I am. I'm the one that's a virgin and he was my first kiss and boyfriend.

I've been thinking Asperger's syndrome


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  • LOL, most people's boyfriend's have mental problems... Sorry to be an a**hole but I honestly think that guys tend to tune us out at times. I've been guilty of that with my mum, it's kind alike the Charlie Brown teacher after a while. I think the sideways look is him being flirtatious or TRYING to be flirtatious. It just struck me funny your question. It sounds like something my grandmother would say about my grandfather, she is always complaining about how "He's really losin' it, he's in la la land etc." Most people in relationships feel a chink in communication at times it doesn't mean one person is slow or something maybe it's something both of you can work on. When you care about someone you tend to over analyze things, I mean if you were just his friend would you think he has a mental problem?


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  • Nothing you've listed suggests any disorders.

    • So what could be his deal than?

    • Probably nothing. It's quirks. Not to say that I am correct; it would depend on a lot of things like severity but seeing as you're dating him and he's had girlfriends in the past it's probably just quirks. Aspberger's is also a bit more ... obvious. You wouldn't have to know him for more than a few minutes to start seeing the awkward behaviors.

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  • I knew an Aspie myself, what you listed fits, though he did not have a bad attention span. He either listened completely, or did not listen at all even if you talked.

    Other than that, I wouldn't know.

    • Also today we went to the movies and he barely wanted to kiss me... He actually never really been big on kissing. He gave me a peck when we were parting.

    • I can't diagnose him for you. I understand you like him and you need to talk to someone about this (since I have gone trough it learning a lot about Aspergers in the process), but I am not the person. I liked the Aspie in question and I rejected him accepting the fact that I could not handle being his girlfriend. It would ruin me emotionally.

      I suggest you observe him more, ask him, maybe he has a diagnosis already, or just spend time together to see if you can simply handle being with him.

  • i don't like talking on phones-so I dnt. if he can't do it well talk some other way. like in person. a lot of people don't like phone talking.

    him blushing is not pathological.

    • All of these weren't over the phone... Just the part with him getting distracted sometimes.