He called me insecure? Don't know how I should take it?

So the thing is in not a very huggy type person I want my own personal space and I feel uncomfortable being touched all the time. So whenever I sit next to people I don't sit like I'm glued to them but about two inches apart and I HATE it when someone sticks their face right next to mine. Okay do I was sitting with this guy I think is very cute and I moved like an inch away because our legs were being glued together after a while he was like to everyone else "she's too insecure doesn't let anyone touch her" and I didn't reply anything cause I didn't know what to reply I mean yeah I don't like being touched that much but I'm not insecure about it so how should I take this?


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  • well he doesn't seem to understand the defininition of insecure AND he's an a** for saying somethign like that publicly. If a guy likes a girl and wants to bring it up he can find a polite way of saying to the girl, 'is it OK if I'm this close to you?; rather than bring it up to a group of people.

    I would be turned off at his behavior and lack of respect, and turned off that he would expose something to a group of people based on a flawed understanding of the word insecure. now perhaps he was feeling insecure because you moved away and it hurt his ego, and I suppose that is foregivable but still it wasn't a very kind, smart, or attractive move on his part


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  • He really shouldn't have said anything out loud to other people. It's okay if you don't like people touching you, I mean trying to be okay with it something you could do. If you don't like it then you don't like it.

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  • You shouldn't take it any way. He made a comment that wasn't true. End of story.


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  • When you like someone it's normal to show affection towards them, and want to be close to them.

    Your personal space...becomes theirs also.

    You share that.

    You wanting to be so distant from him...comes as if you are being a stand offish type of person.

    But you beg to differ, this is just you.

    As he gets to know you...he will know that is just the way you are.

    It may be different from everyone else...but indeed, it is you!

    I think it's wrong that he said that to other people, instead of asking you why you do that.

    I think he did that out of emotion because he felt rejected or insulted.

    Try to clarify that if you can.