It's ok to look, isn't it This myTake is prompted by an interesting video by Bettina Arndt, an Australian writer and...
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Women as Caricatures of Men

Caricatures are exaggerations of certain aspects, generally used to make some type of point. I recall occasionally seeing strong...
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Have you dealt w/ the 3 E's of female behavior yet?

Men who don't understand this are rarely successful with women, and no being successful with women doesn't mean finding one girl and...
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Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off

I think the core reason so many women dislike Andrew Tate is that he is over reliant on confidence and boldness. It's his whole...
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Every woman has a past.

Every woman has a past. Many women were physically abused. Many parents used to beat them. Some had problems related to adolescence....
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How women understand love

It's foolish to simp. That's understood by most people. So why do guys simp? Why do feminine guys tend to simp more than masculine guys?...
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What is the definition of a High Value Man?

I see this question all the time on GAG and I always get a chuckle out of the answers. The actual definition of a HV man is pretty...
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Guys are to apathic and girls are to empathic and its a problem. Change my mind

It's not that we, as separate genders, need to handle emotions in the same way, but in general, our emotional responses are influenced...
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Why would guy still follow me when I unfollowed him?

I unfollowed him because I thought he isn’t interested in me. He still follows me and views my stories.

The hot and cold coworker?

So I have the case of “how often do I interact with this coworker” happening. It’s weird cause she acts like she doesn’t receive my...

Always been Self-Conscious about my Red Cheeks. Thoughts or Advice?

I have quite red cheeks, and blush a lot compared to other people. It's always bugged me and made me self-conscious about my face. And...

Girl friends called me ugly looool?

This message i got yesterday just brought my confidence down a whole bunch loool the only reason i didn’t break down is cause i got like...

Girls, Do you like a guy who compliments you?

Hey ladies, I know women say they like bad boys and play hard to get guys. But are there any women who like honest upfront guys who...

Do you give your cars names?

I heard some girls do this. Do you also treat it like a pet or something? Even though I am a car person I think this is weird.
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Guys, How do you feel about a girl shooting their shot?

if a woman shoots her shot with you would you see it as desperate? Do you prefer to be the one to shoot your shot?

Women dont actually like funny men, they like the attractive man that says something funny. Agree or disagree?

The more attractive you are, the funnier your jokes will be to her
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Do women tend to "despise" men they actually admire?

Andrew Tate claims to have thousands of women a day trying to get in touch with him
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Did I fall for a f***kin trap?

Okay, i need to ge to work before starbucks closes. So i'm gonna make this quick but I'm a goddess for a f--kin reason. You tell me your...
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Why do women ruin their looks with plastic surgery very often?

She plays starlight on the boys. On left, she looks natural and beautiful. On the right, she looks borderline drag queen.

What is the worst insult a woman can call a man?

I think it’s creepy. I don’t think girls have the slightest clue how much it bothers dudes to be called creepy. The worst aspect is most...
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Why does society shame mom bods but praise dad bods?

It doesn't make sense... The dads didn't even do any of the hard work growing the baby. I think it's time for mom bods to become a trend...
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Why do girls stare at other girls?

It's pretty well known why guys stare at girls, but why do girls stare at other girls? A lot of girls seem to stare at me and I'm not...

What attracts fat girls to skinny guys?

Why do skinny guys go out with fat girls I mean what attraction is there? I'm not exactly shallow but like the thing is the guys are...
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