What is wrong with older men?

Hello dear friends! I'm making this my take because I'm SICK AND TIRED of people saying I have "daddy issues" or am trolling because I...

Do you ever feel sad?

It's actually totally fine. Feel sad if you feel sad, it's fine! Stop this "No bad vibes!" BS. You just get more miserable when you...

An idol, that women better take an example of

I am gonna put this here. This is gonna be a very short article because it's not gonna be a question formatted topic. Below is a...

I Wish A Guy Would Reject Me This Way

A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.- Rihanna A Mohammed If you have ever dated, you’ve been on both ends of...

8 Reasons Why I Like Female Culture

Belonging to guy culture has some supposed perks including being lazier and not having as much grooming maintenance but girl culture to...

Am I in over my head or is she too prideful?

A while ago I posted a few questions about my oldest sister about her always calling me and my other sisters ugly and fat because she's...

Work colleague wants me to meet her daughter?

She keeps asking if I will meet her at college why?

She looks at me then looks away quickly?

So I was standing in line in my local supermarket. A girl who works there (she knows me) was busy a few meters away from me and I saw...

Time to move on?

Been talking to this gal for about a month and we met 2 weeks ago for some drinks. She's always posting about how she's single and...

Why females are bitc?

Why are all women bitc?

Do girls try to act quirky around there crush?

Do girls try to act quirky around guys? Because there is a girl trying to act cool but she acts awkward the only problem is I got a...

Girls who workout, would you date weaker boys?

It is only logical that the more girl workouts, the higher the chance will increase she will end up with weaker boy.

What compliments should I give her?

So this girl told me she deleted her Instagram pictures cause she was insecure, what are somethings I could tell her to make her feel...

Girls, are you more into traditionally masculine or effeminate guys?

I've noticed a recent surge in lust towards effeminate men like Tom Holland, virtually any teenage Tiktok star, One Direction, BTS, etc....

Is it okay for a girl to pee sitting down?

Inspired by @Wowwgirl's question Is it okay for a guy to pee sitting down? ↗

Is it an insult if someone liked candles but they also smoked in their house and you gave them candles for their birthday?

I gave my ex's mother candles because she said she liked candles but they also smoke in their house and smells like smoke

Do women subconiously date men with issues, if so why?

I have only dated 3 guys but I noticed the two I connected to the most were ones who had family issues. Before dating both I had no idea...

Girls, College and 20"s, do all guys?

I wanna know from college girls and ones in their 20's, do all guys that act like players get slapped by cute college girls?

Do women get annoyed at men or at other women when they hear the following reasons?

a lot of men are choosing to have shirt term relationships with women instead hence f long term ones because of the following reasons...