Women are evolved to have short term relationships too

Not long ago people believed that women are completely monogamous and they are not interested with short term mating. But then the more...

What makes my lonely Monday nights better

Because it's Monday and I'm always lonely. 1. Getting dolled up Putting on a shit ton of makeup that I'd never wear out and a bunch of...

Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you

So I saw a preposterous article the other day and I have been seeing many men believe that they have some form of preference for 20 year...

TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?

TW = Trigger Warning if you're easily offended or if you're one of the "plus-sized" women I talk about in this Take. I don’t know since...

3rd Grade “Mean Girls” moment Part 3

Honestly, I never even would’ve ever thought about it. But she would wear these crazy flashy shiny leotards to gym class, Invariably ask...

The contradiction of "Girl Power" and how it's making girls weak.

You can not open your mouth today without "Girl Power" being forced down your throat. We are being ideologically throat fucked by...

How to get her?

I have a girl in office (no hr policy about dating) who likes me a lot she often flirts with me, laughs at all my jokes, whenever we are...

Girls, I need to get this off my chest because why should I keep avoiding it?

I don't get why I am still single and why other guys are succeeding. Guys i've known since high school or university I know how they...

Why when someone does something wrong to me I get scared to speak up and when I do?

speak up I get even more scared that I end up blocking the person because I get scared of making them angry even though they are the one...

Girls, Do you compete with other women to see who can date the tallest, hottest guy?

Or do you look for chemistry? I know guys don't care about looks but look for personality. So was just wondering about girls.

What should I do about my boss sending me this?

My boss sent me a pic of a vagina late at night. I obviously can not be sure if it is hers. There was no message with it or any follow...

Are there good girls who genuinely love?

Whenever I talk to a girl I feel as if she's a bitch and in most cases, she is and in other cases, she is a bitch but isn't acting on...

Why do women say things just for the sake of saying it?

Just today I seen a women on twitter who said normalise fat bodies on twitter. I'm pretty sure fat bodies are normalised as The Health...

Any guy that is under 6ft don't deserve a girlfriend?

so a girl on insta posted " any guy under 6ft don't deserve a girlfriend" im 5"8 i didn't take that as offensive well ok just a bit not...

Girls, Would you be embarrassed to have AA breasts?

My girlfriend is 26 and 32aa, she is so embarrassed by it, would you be?

Girls, if someone you don't talk to anymore gives you a present, would you rather he give you before your birthday or after your birthday?

This person and I recently stopped talking to each other but I still want to show her my appreciation so I decided to do something...

Girls, Why does this girl like this guy when he is just so arrogant and he thinks he’s better than her?

This sweet girl is flirting and likes this guy who’s a jerk. He’s arrogant and thinks he’s better than everyone else. He’s just a loser...

How would most women react to guys giving them flowers?

I just heard an elder user on here recommend it as a piece of advice. But I told him I suspect the times have changed. Some women are...

Girls do you bloat a lot too?

Curious to what other girls may have to say

Do you like it when a girl has a pudge?

Apparently it’s becoming a trend now according to a conversation I had with my friend.

Who according to you is highly likely to win and dominate the fight?

If a tall well built woman ( 5'9 , 65 kg) woman and a short skinny man ( 5'4 , 51 kg) have a physical fight , then who according to you...

Does this older female coworker want me?

has bought me a nice birthday card -always calls me over when i walk by her office - says she misses me a couple times - said happy...