The 10 signs the shy girl you like likes you back, from a shy girl!

We have all (or most of us) had at least one crush throughout our lives. We don’t even know why we fell in love with that person. We...

If Karen is the name for bossy entitled middle-aged white women, then what would other women's names describe?

Here's what I think: Abigail/Abby - Likely has low self esteem, despite her looks. Likely to date nerds and geeks for the easy morale...

Think women are free? Think again!

This picture sums it all up. In a way when asking women if they are free we can answer with "Yes but kinda no". Yes, they have the...

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Why Women Love Bad Boys. Guys on GAG can hate on me for supporting things like promoting masculinity or how men should be...

“True” Femininity

During this day and age, femininity has so many contradicting meanings. Some equate it to just a certain sense of style, others, more...

Just because hurting my feelings is fun doesn’t mean it’s ok!

Hurting my feelings for being special might be fun but that doesn’t mean it’s ok! I had to teach my mommy this and now I want to teach...

Do you think this girl told me to stop because she felt jealous seeing me flirt with an attractive man?

After I told this guy I find him attractive this girl told me to stop joking. Do you think this girl told me to stop because she felt...

Girl added me to close friends in instagram?

i rarely talk to that girl and she added me to her close friends? then she didn't add my friend on her close friends list on instagram...

What does it mean when a girl becomes concerned a guy might be mad at her?

Like when we talked she told me she was gonna start asking her friends based on our interaction

Can a toxic woman become untoxic? If not how to cut her off if you work side by side with her daily?

Can a toxic woman become untoxic? If not how to cut off a woman who has become toxic in the past 4/5 years?

What does it mean when a girl says she enjoys her conversations with you after work?

So me and another girl usually wait on Lyfts after work and we talk and she told me today she really enjoys our conversations after work

Girls, What does it mean when a girl says you have a nice voice?

I remember even in school during projects or school presentations guys I worked with would say “dude you have a radio voice”. I don’t...

What is it that woman truly want from undesirable men?

If an undesirable man just stays away from everyone & keeps a low profile He's seen as creepy & odd If he tries to fake the role of a...

Girl complimented my coat and then wanted to wear it?

So I went down to the common kitchen. We live with several other flatmates. Anyway, as soon as I come down she calls my name and asks...

Girls, On a cold chilly winter night?

Which would you choose to snuggle and cuddle up with on a cold chilly winter night?

Do women think with their V as much as we think with our P?

AKA when women (or men sometimes too) tell us, that we think with our d i c k, can the same be said about women, who think with their v...

Girls, How come this young woman looks at me all the time even before I notice her and kinda looks nervous?

She does it all the time. One time I smiled at her and she smiled back. Once she said hi to me but I was busy and couldn’t say anything...

Mom sayings: you should never hit a lady but you should always slap a bitch, do you agree?

I agree as in i won't shame you for doing it Mom says if the woman got beat up by boyfriend she was acting some type of way to get beat...

Is this women a strong person?

Bisa is 23 years old. She is a single mother, works two full time jobs, and her boyfriend, Zane, is a high school dropout who recently...

Would there be " hairy drainage" issue in an all ladies bathroom?

There's hair on the bathroom floor and on the drains where there are men since men at least in most cases have hairy...

Why is it in western society women scream about inequality & yet they do jackshit for their sisters in countries where they definitely aren't equal?

In western society so many "feminists" / women scream about equality & respect... yet with an increasing norm being to act & dress...

Pick one: Plant edition?

I'm redoing my room so I just need help in choosing what plant to put in my room ok thanks