Tips for Crafting a MHO-worthy opinion

Hello G@Gers! Today, we’re going to be discussing various tips in crafting an opinion and increasing your chances of getting MHO (Most...

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

For those who seem to have forgotten what G@G stands for, It's" Girls ask Guys" and meant to be a relationship advice/ experience...

Who Are We & Why Are We Here?

Tonight I had a thought. Why am I here? (In life, sure, but I mean, more specifically, on #G@G.) But for that matter, why are we all...

Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing

1. Allow us to edit or delete our comments or replies. 2. On polls, move "updates" ABOVE poll options, so that people see the updates...

The moderators and admins on G@G.

Feeling a bit cheesy tonight so might as well, I think this is the right place? I wish to share an opinion I’ve formed over time and...

An Update for The GAG Feed! What's New?

Hi G@Gers Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have updated the GAG Feed to make it bolder, more accessible, and easier for you to...

An Update for Blocking! What's New?

Hi G@Gers! A lot of you have been asking for a long time to be able to NOT see any more opinions or replies from users you have...

Why do political questions need to be on here?

These questions annoy me more than is my dick too small questions or what does it mean questions. It's not like there's a debate going...

Do you judge those who answer or post anonymous?

Does it bother you when someone is anonymous? Do you do anonymous and why?

Why is it worth being a good person?

Everytime i try i fall on my face. The weight of trying to stay true is so burdensome. Maybe im not worthy enough to keep going on...

When do you typically decide to use the anonymous feature?

For me it's when I'm answering a question from the sexuality section. Or if I decided to share something very deep to do with my...

Why do some users block for no reason?

I've noticed some people on here have blocked me for no apparent reason, And a couple of them I left nice comments on their questions...

Could the G@G team maybe implement a blocking option for adults getting messaged by underage users on here?

No offense, but you kiddos bring us adults in quite some trouble just by messaging us.

If you had to make a movie with some of your gag friends/acquaintances what kind of movie would you make and who would you pick?

if you had to make a movie with some of your gag friends/acquaintances what kind of movie would you make and who would you pick and why...

What is up with some of the shady women on here?

It's happened to me twice thus far, but whenever I say something nice or make a compliment, a female user requests me to follow and PM...

How do G@G users like to dress when going to a party?

A day or so ago, @coachTanthony asked whether people would attend a GAG party at a swanky hotel. If I throw a GAG party at a swanky...

If I started a game of Capture the flag with Nerf guns for GAGers would you join in?

I would want to do it in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Like a huge game of capture the flag...

Do You Answer Valentine's Corner On GAG?

if you do, here's a poll. if you don't, tell us why.

Who Do You Argue/Debate More With?

1. on gag 2. in general life 3. other sample answer : poll option **men selected** I greatly clash on gag about how women should...,...

Do you avoid responding to certain users questions?

Cos their psycho or mental and really don’t want to be debating with them?