What has your time on GAG taught you about yourself?

I was going to make this a spontaneous question for all, but I was running out of characters so I'm switching over to a MyTake instead....

Baby come back? Miss someone? Want to publicly apologize to someone who blocked you?

Okay, so here's my next idea. This song popped into my head, and I thought, 'I could make a question out of that.' I read a very...

Calling All Moderates Out There

Okay, right off the bat I'm going to apologize here. Before you even start reading. Because this is going to be [too] long, I already...

The Real Strength And Beauty Of A Moonchild.

This is not my usual kind of mytake. Or not really a mytake as much as it's a take of my thoughts, feelings for someone I greatly...

Cure to Distress

Today, I started to view life as a heavy loads of tragic events. It's sad to hear about news like Kobe and Giana passing away. Heard...

Happy Lunar New Year to all the people on GAG

I wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in the Year of the Rat. And also good health. Please practice good hygiene; wash your hands...

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

For those who seem to have forgotten what G@G stands for, It's" Girls ask Guys" and meant to be a relationship advice/ experience...

Where are the users who support GaG's no edit position? Would an edit feature do more harm than good?

While I agree that typos can be irritating, there's a uniquely genuine result brought about by making the send button a point of no...

So how's 20/20 for you so far?

It's been 60% positive 20 negative and 20 % indifferent so far from me, how about yourself?

Why.. why? WTF do I have to do here?

I would like a little proffesional help here. Why am I only following girls on GaG... And Why am I only being followed by guys? First...

Can you Guess the exact name of these 7 Hyper/Supercars?

Can you Guess the exact name of all of these Hyper/Supercars? you can do this format to answer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

If I start a "Get To Know Me" Tag, would any of you guys participate?

Think of it as opportunity to get to know your fellow gaggers on this site as an Icebreaker or something to do if your feeling bored :)...

GAG community, help me please?

I post everyday and answer a lot of questions my exp points are moving like a turtle, although I found many accounts are not interacting...

Why do you come to g@g?

I come here for questions, i somewhat wouldn't ask girls directly. I occasionally ask for opinions and give advice.

If you had to pick what would be your favorite on gag?

mine would be private messaging i enjoy talking to my friends

Do you ever share your other socials like Insta, Snap, FB etc with people you meet on GaG?

If so, is there some criteria that person has to meet before you share it with them? What is that criteria? If no (like me) why not?...

Which version of GAG do you use and why?

Many of you probably know that the desktop web version is more full-featured. They are still working on adding more features to the app...

Are you a retaliatory blocker?

That's all I have to say. Do you block someone because they blocked you first?

Does it annoy you if people here use celebs as their icon?

A guy blocked me because of my icon of lana.

Have you ever written "a take" or made a question about a gag user?

I am really curious if somebody, especially a person, who dislikes me, made a question or wrote a take about me. In the past i have seen...

Do you like MHO awards best when they come from the asker, girls ask guys or both equally?

For reference "your opinion was selected" as seen in the picture was selected by girls ask guys and not the asker

Which of These Triggered GAG user cars would you choose?

Which of These Triggered GAG user cars would you choose? i imagine they drive these types of cars... Someone requested this question,...

Do you have a GaG bestie?

A best friend on GaG?

What are the demographics of G@G?

Please be honest, just do the poll. Comments aren’t necessary.

Do you prefer an honest answer or an ego boost fib, when you ask someone a question? ?

Of course, provided they are delivered in a respectful manner.