My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

So for those of you who don't know me let me introduce myself. I am Coach T Anthony, I am a dating coach and long time gagger. (no pun...

Censorship, Free Speech, and Echo Chambers & Civility, Common Decency, and Mutual Respect

I believe the internet should be a free and open space. I believe in civility, self-control and common decency. I believe when civility...

Goodbye letter to a friend

I don't you know if you are still hanging around here to read this, but it's something I wanted to write you before you move on with...

#NoMore To Hatred! <3

Hatred is the disease of the world. At first glance, it might seem like a form of cancer. But cancer is far worse- it cannot be cured....

Embracing Autumn

The October breeze graces your skin, making you shiver. Rustling tree leaves crackle and fall apart. The sound of nearby water can be...

Announcing GAG Symposium 2!! This theme is going to be spooky!!

At the end of Last Year I started a personal contest for others to write their own personal poems and stories to showcase here on GAG....

A Petition To Overhaul the Blocking System

Who's got issues with the blocking system? I definitely do. Problem 1: Someone posts an anon comment on your own q. Before you have a...

People, does your s/o know that you use GAG? If not, why didn't you tell them about it?

Something funny related to the subject just happened to me and left me wondering how many of you tell your partners about GAG.

Time to leave g@g?

Not right now.. but soon i plan on leaving this app/site. I've seen many people just disappear from here without saying anything. Not...

I thought on Gag you weren't allowed to have duplicate questions or have more than one account?

So why do I keep seeing the same person over and over asking the exact same questions over and over under multiple accounts on here I'm...

Why can't you get a life?

some of you 30+ year olds have nothing better to do than pretend you have a sex life and get offended on girlsaskguys huh

Fellow GaG Masters, how helpful has this site been?

Yay! I just because Master level! 😁 Although even after all the time it took, I’m not so sure how helpful it’s actually been. 🤔

Is there a way to contact the support of Gag?

I'd like to contact the support because of a wrong decision they've made Is there a way to contact the support of this app, if so how...

How this app is beneficial for you?

I am asking this question because I am new here so I want to know different feedback and experiences

Why do kids here pretend to be over 18?

look... if you're going to catfish as an adult, whether by faking an age or using photos of an adult then at least ACT more mature...

Who would want to see a pic of me?

I'm not sure if there is anyone who would care, but if enough people want me to then I'll do a face revealing.

Is it just me, or are there only guys on this website?

I have been having fun with this website for few years now, but it's getting impossible these days. The site is called "Girls ask Guys"...

Did you know you can now search usernames of GaGers in the search function?

Just type the username and users will show up... Nice, hide your usernames from me bebs.

Does girls ask guys only believe in 2 genders or is it not LGBTQ friendly?

Was looking at the logo and I realized that it only mentions girls and guys with 2 arrows pointing in both directions signifying that...

Have you ever wrote a question, thought about it, then deleted it?

I do that so often on here.. I‘ll spend like 5 minutes writing a question.. Then I’ll sit here & think about it Then end up deleting...

Downvotes transparency: yes or no?

I really don't have anything to add here. Nor do I particularly want to get into a debate about blocking, anons, and transparency in...