Tips for Crafting a MHO-worthy opinion

Hello G@Gers! Today, we’re going to be discussing various tips in crafting an opinion and increasing your chances of getting MHO (Most...

The moderators and admins on G@G.

Feeling a bit cheesy tonight so might as well, I think this is the right place? I wish to share an opinion I’ve formed over time and...

An Update for The GAG Feed! What's New?

Hi G@Gers Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have updated the GAG Feed to make it bolder, more accessible, and easier for you to...

An Update for Blocking! What's New?

Hi G@Gers! A lot of you have been asking for a long time to be able to NOT see any more opinions or replies from users you have...

New Podcast for Gagsters

What Have I Been Up To? So, I haven't been on here very much over the past several months other than to talk to some people via message....

How do I look in under 24 hours?

So I have been trying to piece this together as best I can so one picture at a time On the mobile app, It shows you all the questions...

Why Auto-Selection of MHOs is Bad, and Why 3 Days is Even Worse

Yet another site design change has occurred. Here's the official word: "Regarding the MHO system, the timeframe for picking MHOs was...

Should incel content be flagged?

Over the past year, there’s been an increase in incel ideology on GAG. It ranges from questions about why women consistently choose...

New blocking feature or an bug?

So apperantly i can't post opinion on question where random girl blocked me (not even question owner) my heart bleeds xD Nice to see new...

Is there a reason why the girls are so quiet?

Since I joined GAG, I've noticed that guys answer questions tenfold more times than girls unless the question is gender orientated. It...

I want to have more fun next year in college... what should I do? any tips?

I want crazy memories I can forever tell my kids. We’re on this earth for such a short time and I want it to be a crazy adventure. It...

Do you really find older men leaving comments creepy?

Do you find it creepy when older men reply to teens questions? A person here felt that men 50+ leaving comments is creepy. Do you...

I think two people on here are actually one person?

There are two accounts I've been interacting with over the last few days and I've noticed that their styles of writing and vocabulary...

Why is at rule about Duplicate account ?

yes. I delete all my accunt part one. I don't understand that I get a think was a false report again. I swear to god that I only have...

How long do you spend on GAG?

Im rarely ever on this now, and was wondering, how much time everyone else spends here.

Do you think GaG should put a description of each topic in each topic so it's clear what you can and can't post in it?

I suggested it on another question (Do you think GaG should keep the holidays topic all year round?) @wankiam thought it was a good idea...

Should G@G also have a feature in the Profile section displaying the Nationality of the member?

Often wondered, why a person's nationality should not be displayed with username.

Do you think that there are people on GaG who don't like you?

I can't imagine that anyone dislikes me, I'm lovely 🤷‍♂️

Why do incels delete your post when you don't support their narrative?

Why are they so sensitive? Should I have been more supportive? Maybe a cuddle? 🤔

Should GAG remove the blocking people option?

Soo many snowflakes blocked me when we having a debate. People on here abuse the blocking option when someone else is bringing a...

What is your main objective on GirlsAskGuys?

Mine is to make myself laugh. Luckily I'm hilarious 😬