GAG: My Experiences Here

GAG: My Experiences Here

Ahhh GAG, when I first came here, I was overtly curious.

It really hasn't been long since I joined GAG and actively participated in various questions and takes. It isn't as broad and intellectual as Quora, but I found GAG to have its own charming aspects and like any other site, its own less than stellar aspects as well.

Let's dive in a bit through my mind shall we?

The Community

The community was fairly interesting, I dived in expecting a fairly broad range of people and GAG didn't really betray my expectations there.

We have left-wingers and right-wingers, introverts and extroverts, optimists and pessimists, and dare I say it girls and guys.

Everyone here had a variety of anecdotal experiences they share and some genuinely advise others based on their experiences in their life. It really exposed me into a little bit of their mind, their way of thinking. I try to learn and to understand where they come from and why they believe in their choice or mindset. In the end, I don't always fully understand, but I'm kind of glad they were willing to provide their opinion, even if it directly opposes mine.

Of course I would come across a few unsavory characters, but then again, I came here knowing if I put my opinions here on the table, I expect a few to challenge them as they would expect me to challenge theirs.

I find quite a lot of people tend to be fairly amiable... well for a group of anonymous users anyways. I've yet to make any 'true' friends here in comparison to say online gaming or other forums, but I'm alright with that.

Finally, exposure. My opinions are... fairly neutral in most matters but I do lean on one side on occasion. However, I find how people express themselves here absolutely fascinating. How they think X, why they think X and what they do to refute Y.

However, there are downsides to every community. I'm sure there are some people who have proven to be... a little too forward. From just hearing the girls' stories about PMs from random guys who pretty much been branded as creeps. Then we have the ferociously aggressive people, though I'd like to think they are just passionate or feel strongly about their stance, some would disagree with that saying they are irrational or inflexible (and I can see why).

The Topics

I admit, the topics were very broad, but most are focused on the realm of dating or similar subjects (e.g. break ups). It's not a bad thing so to speak, I do wish GAG community speak up more on other subjects but then again, most people here do ask what they believe is important to themselves. That's fair, had I been in their shoes, I will probably act very much the same.

I do find a few people here to have very interesting beliefs and presented them fairly well. Though I don't always agree with what they say, I do have a level of understanding with them.

The biggest example would probably be religion, as you may have probably known, I'm not someone who follows the idea of God, but I've always found it fascinating about human faith and how many religious people express that faith in God (or equivalent). I guess you can say its slowly broadening what I can learn about it as time goes on.

But like I said, some topics aren't as engaged as well, but as the GAG community grows, I'm sure engagement within these topics shall also grow.

What I hope for the future

I find GAG to be pretty casual but at the same time, a solid place to be pretty engaging with all kinds of people all over the world. It may not look like it, but everyone here has given me a step or so into learning in some ways, some more stranger than others.

The community isn't perfect (then again what is?), but I've enjoyed my time here and I've without a shadow of doubt, will continue to enjoy it in the future.

GAG: My Experiences Here


Most Helpful Girl

  • WOW-
    That was really a delightful read.
    Thanks for your earnest and insightful take.


Most Helpful Guy


    From my point of view We’re all here for the same things; to help and be helped. Be kind to those trying to help you, and try to be understanding of those in need.

    While people are often here because they’re freaking out about something, we still should have fun, and even make a few friends.

    I appreciate. Thanks for sharing your Valuable Experience on International Platform like @Girlsaskguys. 😊🇮🇳

    • Pro tip : You don't need to @mention GirlsAskGuys on posts like this. They get unnecessary notifications. Do it only when you are talking about THE site itself.

    • @YourFutureEx

      Thanks for informing me buddy. We we not aware that GirlsAskGuys also receive notification. We will take into consideration. 😊

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What Girls Said 2

  • Dang that was a good read. This isn’t really about your topic but I like your writing style, it’s engaging and also so polite which seems almost rare nowadays.

  • Nice take! Could you, maybe, do one for Quora? I'd like to learn more about it.


What Guys Said 5

  • I like being able to take a few minutes to help someone out. It's not that much time or effort on my part and I can help someone summon the confidence to ask someone out, figure out what to do in their relationship, or encourage them to keep trying to find the right person.

  • Very broad topics lol, sure, I love all the "how to blow a guy for the first time" questions. Oooo or the "do you like it when a girl sucks your balls" questions. Really quality topics there

  • I'll give you a week. Then see if it holds up (it won't)

    • Well, its not really that bad. I mean, hell, this is heaven compared to reddit and 4chan

    • Well, comparing this site to those and yahoo answers is like comparing dog shit to horse shit to bird shit to shit shit... Some are worse than others, but it's all still shit 😂

    • Well that's a fair point. But eventually it'll push you over the edge so hard that you'll do a 360. It's nothing really.

  • Fresh meat.

  • You're new, the cynicism is on the horizon


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