How to write a MyTake in the App of GirlsAskGuys

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How to write My Take in App of #GirlsAskGuys?

myTakes are another post type for you to share your experience and knowledge with the GAG Community. A myTake can become Promoted or even Featured in which you will earn extra Xper points. (25 Xper points for promoted myTakes, and 100 Xper points more -total of 125 Xper points- for Featured myTakes).

What is the best new name for "Articles" on GirlsAskGuys ?

Only one Question Asked by our Developer Tolga Tanriseven.

Good Indian had observed that Most of the Users are not aware about How to Write My Take in App?

Step One

Click on the Profile Tab on the right hand corner.

Step Two

Click on Settings icon located in top right hand corner.

Step Three

Click on Help Tab. It will redirect you in the Web Version of the GirlsAskGuys in App itself.

Step Four

Tap on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page.

Step Five

Select " Share My Take " You will be directed to the Share myTake page.

Step Six

- Enter your myTake Title

- Enter your details. You can insert images / videos / links into your myTake either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box.

Here you can upload images from your own device by clicking on "image" icon.(Images need to be at least 320x240 in resolution and should be less than 3MB in size.

You can also insert YouTube and Vine videos, Instagram captions, and Tweet embeds.)

- Add a topic and check the boxes for Anonymity and "no opinions wanted" preferences.

Select Topic. It will help you to reach proper audience.

- After you're done entering information, click Preview myTake. You will be directed to the Preview screen where you'll be able to check and see how your myTake will appear when posted. From here, you have the option to edit" your myTake or "Save it as Draft".

- If everything looks great click Submit myTake.

Your myTake is now online!

Note : Your GirlsAskGuys App and Android System WebView must be of updated version.

Why Good Indian had written This Take?

GirlsAskGuys had declared Good Indian as Editor of The Month November 2017. 🏅

Since its inception, GirlsAskGuys has been featured on several outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Journal. Killerstartups, CrunchBase, KSDK and St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That's Great News For Good Indian. It's one achievement for me. Thanks You Tolga Tanriseven for Providing us Great Platform to Connect with Opposite Gender and People of Various Sexual Orientations.

Nargiz Tanriseven who is Social Media Manager of GirlsAskGuys and Content Editor of KizlarSoruyor (Turkish Version of GirlsAskGuys) liked our Take on Facebook.

Read our Previous Take on Fusion of Turkish and Indian Vegetarian Dishes.

Before Two Months Good Indian decided to Leave GirlsAskGuys Community. One of my Indian Friend convinced me that Good Indian should not leave. Read our previous Take.

OTOH Good Indian is also Sad. 😥 GirlsAskGuys had gifted me $25 Amazon Voucher. GirlsAskGuys offer Amazon cards for the US, UK, CA, FR, and DE Amazon stores only.

Good Indian thought to donate to LGBTQAI COMMUNITY by participating in The Trevor Project. Unfortunately it is also not possible. There is no way to donate my Amazon gift card to someone else or an organization. We will update you by getting information how to use that voucher. It's Celebration Time because GirlsAskGuys Community gifted me $ 25 Amazon Voucher out of their daily revenue of $ 700 from Advertisements. As I am Researcher it's my own prediction. 😊

Official Celebration Song of India.

Recently Good Indian had seen one Question.

How to write myTAKE in the app of GirlsaskGuys?

Good Indian is Surprised by one of the opinion by our Admin.

*"Unfortunately, myTakes are not available on the app yet. For now, you will need to use your mobile browser or desktop versions to write, read, and respond to myTakes."*

There might be some mistake from our side in interpretation of her opinion. 😊

Good Indian also strive to keep GirlsAskGuys Community a helpful Community. 🤔😊

Thanks for Reading My Take.

🇮🇳Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Hope it Helps. 😊🇮🇳



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Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha This is definitely one way of doing it although slightly inconvenient (you would get the same effect by simply logging into your browser Lol) but yes, if anyone is determined to find a way through the app to access myTakes, this would work.

    We do plan on actually bringing the myTake feature to the app in the future though which will make it a lot easier. We'll let everyone know when that happens. :)


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    • We are well aware about the laws as Good Indian is associated with it directly or indirectly. 😊

      Following some basic rules to prevent any dishonor to National Anthem. Honor for the National Anthem is because our martyrs wanted to laid their lives while hearing or reciting National Anthem and they did. National Anthem has that power that can make anybody relived during death.

      1. Always be in attention position during the National Anthem.

      2. In some countries people use to keep their right hand fist on the heart while National anthem; this is not allowed for Indian National Anthem.

      3. National anthem if started then should be completed in anyways.

      4. If there were restrictions on the anthem being sung indoors like many people think then it would never have been sung in the Indian Parliament. And it is sung in honor of the president at the opening and at the end of his lecture.

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    • Stop giving MHO fella. I don't deserve it :(

    • G. I. love Critics. Directly or Indirectly they are helping in development. Good Indian is Life Long Learner. As per my knowledge you also love to discuss. You deserve MHO.


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