Posting GAG questions- the archetypal questions you want to avoid.

Posting GAG questions- the archetypal questions you want to avoid.

These are just a few examples from my time here as a user- I haven't been here that long, and in general I really appreciate this site as a friendly way of hearing frank opinions from people with their own individual experiences. However, like every online forum, we have our tropes here, and these are just a few I've come to observe:

(Bear in mind this is supposed to be light-hearted and not intended to actually slate any users)

The 'Obvious Opinion is Obvious' Question:

"Am I the only guy who really likes curvy girls? I don't know I guess I've always liked them lol? Just me?" This is the classic action of picking a question where you know almost everybody will agree with you. Pick a very agreeable position, but imply some unnamed other people's scepticisms are causing you to doubt it just a little. This option can also be used for the subcategory of the 'obvious sexual opinion' question where you offer up some action which you know is considered sexy by the vast majority of people, but express uncertainty over if your boyfriend or girlfriend will like it. "So I squirm and moan a lot when I'm having sex with my boyfriend, do you think I'm putting him off?" An avalanche of blue anons will of course inevitably follow this, presenting their sage knowledge of sexuality and presumed wealth of experience with attractive women, which would lead you to question why in fact they are searching for sexual advice on GaG in the first place.

The 'Question Where the Desired Answer of the OP is Already in the Title' Question:

Most commonly seen in the subforums for politics, current affairs and other matters. Titles such as "Isn't it crazy that fascists like Trump are in power in the West?" or "Does it make you mad that liberals love aborting babies?" immediately declare the, of course, totally unbiased viewpoint of the poster, followed if we're lucky by a slew of political memes agreeing with their position. It might seem ironic that I'm effectively slating people for promoting their own views whilst in the midst of writing a MyTake, designed to do just that, but I genuinely don't see the point of asking the question if you're only looking for one kind of answer. Bonus points if you then reply to people who offer the opposing view by referring to them as a "libtard," "snowflake", "Trumpster" etc.

The 'Thirst Trap' Question:

This one may have a fairly innocuous title as a question or poll. Alright, just asking the question of, 'hey guys, do you like girls with big boobs?' might be a little abrupt, but if you want to know the answer you may as well ask. What's maybe more questionable though is asking a question specifically for the purpose of posting half-a-dozen photos under it of glamour models in various revealing lingerie sets- it seems less like a question and more just a roundabout way of showing the world what you're fapping to at present. Did I mention the avalanche of blue anons?

The 'Mass Generalisation' Question:

Maybe the worst of all culprits on GaG. "Why are men such dicks", "why do women just want guys' money", "why does nobody care about personality anymore", etc, etc, etc. We've been debating why people do the things they do for generations. Indeed, the debate over nature vs nurture, experiences, the morality or immorality of humans from birth and the function of the brain still rages today. GaG is a great place for all of us regular people to pitch in with our own personal experiences and knowledge to offer what advice and wisdom we can, but I think we've hit a peak of what wisdom we can offer that applies to all men or all women, never mind both. Rather than attempting to tackle the patriarchy, third-wave feminism and the #MeToo movement all in a single post just because a girl read your message and didn't respond, maybe just ask "this girl didn't reply to my message- what should I do now?"

These are just a few of the question archetypes I've noticed. If you have any other tropes you find exasperating, feel free to mention them. Again, remember this is not intended to offend and is more just a satirical look at a few things I've seen on the forum.

And, well, that's MyTake done, I guess.

Posting GAG questions- the archetypal questions you want to avoid.
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