Why the delete option shouldn't exist


I'm not gonna put pressure on G@G because I don't own G@G and this is just what I have to say. Just my opinion. This is the same with blocking someone just because they disagree with them but lets focus on deleting opinions/responses just because of a disagreement for now.


Before we start. I gonna give example of someone abusing the delete option and you may take it personally. Nothing personal and I'm not gonna mention anyone's names nor insult them to avoid member post. So if you don't wanna argue then leave. Being offended doesn't prove anything.

So it's been months since we had that features and I know there are people out there who wants to complain about it. The delete option is just a way to interrupt freedom of speech or a cheep way to dismiss arguments. These are based on my experiences and I know there are people who have these experiences.

For people who do that

Now if you don't want any answers or responses, why ask or why say something?

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

I only censor some of the words of the question so that you can't find her. Just showing some words for you to have idea what we were talking about.

And of course being so entitled to delete anyone's response can make you a retard. You can't delete anyone's opinion in real life remember that because being offended doesn't prove anything. I thought you want any answers and if the person responding to you is abusive, can't you just report if you think we're being abusive. G@G made "report" for a reason. And of course you'd blame G@G for being "biased" You think you're so much better than the mods right?

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

From my original comment of that post

After I backed up my claims
After I backed up my claims

So here's what I'm thinking

I just think that people who do that in their own posts just wanna make their post a source to represent something in an argument not just here on G@G but any forum sites too while people who disagree with them are have their mouth shut to make it seem like everyone agrees with them. Now how do you think that sound? Can't use their words to defend but anger and emotion which is what weak minded people do.

And then we have this

I know I talked about this before. I'm still gonna include this as a good reason why that delete feature should be abolished.

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

I don't have to say something else about that. It's pretty pointless to fight insults with insults, ad hominems with ad hominems and fire with fire.

You're just a butthurt a hater and a insecure that's why you made that mytake.

No said that to me that but I just have something to say about a response like that since that's a common excuse. Now in case anyone is gonna say that, I can say

No this isn't butthurt and you can't tell by the tone of my voice through text unless you feel hurt because of what I said. Remember hurt people hurt people. So it's ok for you to be butthurt but when I make this take that's crossing the line? I can do what ever I want as you can do what ever you want and no one's stopping you. So tell that to the presidents and famous people who has many haters like you.

Why the delete option shouldn't exist

No G@Gers were harmed in this take.

Why the delete option shouldn't exist
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  • OctaviaWoods
    I don’t think you should be able to delete people’s opinions.

    The best part about GaG is that they don’t cover anything up! They let all opinions, even the haters exist. You get to know what people truly think about the topic. I find it kinda beautiful in a way that it’s people’s raw opinions.

    It would be nice to edit/delete your OWN comment though. I’ve make typos all the time and sometimes I want to add onto my opinion.
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  • janna_jcb
    I agree. Reporting comments and them being deleted by moderators if they agree is a good thing. But the ability to delete any answer is problematic
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    • I disagree; what happens when the moderators themselves are morons?

    • @Thatsamazing They are mods for some reason.

    • Yes... and whatever reason that is doesn't automatically mean they're intelligent or qualified.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • CT_CD
    I agree. I hate the "I don't want to see this" option. G@G should get rid of it immediately
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  • Syrian_survivor
    Mods are too lazy to delete comments, so they give that power to idiots xD
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    • I have no idea why my other screenshot got removed by G@G so I'm just gonna post it here. I think G@G got salty of it.
      Why the delete option shouldn't exist

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  • Izumiblu
    I’d also add that there are questions on gag that are clearly trolls but technically meet the rules. The opinions is the only way to clarify for people looking at the post they are just feeding the trolls. This delete function gives these people the ability to keep their trolling alive that much longer by removing people that call them on obvious bullshit.
    • And to interfere freedom of speech. Sort of destroys the purpose of the report option. If G@G don't find that abusive then you shouldn't too.

    • roland77

      Trolling is some sort of verbal harassment, just use the "power" given to you wisely and not recklessly. Delete with responsibility.

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    The delete option is there to discourage people from making polemic comments on other people's opinions and giving rude answers to questions. What you want is discussing and arguing with people, what the site designer wants is for everyone to spend less time arguing and more time asking questions (when you ask a question you have certain control over the responses). More questions = better traffic.

    How do they encourage asking questions by giving question/opinion owner the ability to delete comment? if you don't like something someone wrote, ask a question about it instead of trying to refute them under their opinions, and you can't target usernames in your question either, which is another effort of the site designer to generate more content without making it inflammatory :))

    Note that they don't want users to disengage entirely, the users are encouraged to leave supportive comments on other user's opinion and try to be helpful to the asker :)) that is the purpose of the text reply field.

    Now I won't comment on whether I agree with this site's approach, but from my experience, there are things that are worth arguing about, like math. When you refute someone's claim in math, it leads to further understanding. Too bad this site isn't about that. People don't gain anything from arguing about the topics here, they just hate each other more 😂
    • "Too bad this site isn't about that. People don't gain anything from arguing about the topics here, they just hate each other more" And there are topics called "society and politics" and "religion and spirituality" which always involves arguments. It's easy tho. If you don't want any argument then don't ask. If you don't like what we said, no need to bash and heat up an argument and suck it up. Like we're saying something offensive and also being offended doesn't really prove anything.

    • You can view it as "hate" for giving a response that's cool but you don't realize how you sound if that's your idea. No body is forcing anyone to heat up an argument but the questions they asked are questions meant to be answered.

    • See you don't really understand what I wrote at all 😂. This is how arguments on here are a waste of time. I merely pointed out how these things look from the site designer's perspective. Even from that perspective I didn't equate replying to comments with hate, I just explained why the site owner put the deleting option there, this is not about me not wanting people to reply to my opinions,
      "... If you don't want any argument then don't ask. If you don't like what we said, no need to bash and heat up an argument and suck it up..."
      jumping on a weird tangent here, are you trying to heat something up 🤔

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  • ADFSDF1996
    I personally don’t see anything wrong with the delete option as long as it’s only used to delete spam, troll and rude comments. It seems that the person you were arguing with was misusing the delete option by censoring you, that unfortunate.

    Perhaps there should be a limit to how much you can delete every week. Maybe 5 posts per week, that should deter it from being misused.

    PS. What we actually need is the option to edit our opinions, that way we can correct typos.
    • hasinadis

      Yeah we need the edit option for sure

    • I don't find that a really big deal but we can always *type like this. that's why report option and mods exist. Because of that, people here are losing their thickness of their skin.

    • If it's not a big deal aiko why are you so concerned about the delete option? if that's what we like that's what we like. if u dont like it then dont use it simple

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  • Benedek38
    Honestly, as much as I dislike having my comments deleted, I have grown to use the function, and it IS useful for one thing. It complements the incredibly ineffective and utterly biased moderation. I don't want to point fingers, but the fact is that moderators basically only work when it fits their narrative. Go and report a bunch of hateful stuff said my a popular G@G member, nothing happens. Say one slightly offensive thing, BOOM comment removed, minus 7 XP. It's ridiculous.
    Here are some of the comments I had removed, with expletives substituted with alternatives.

    1) "You're a scam bag. Can't take responsibility for you being a buttocks with me and making assumptions about me. Copulate you. I haven't spoken to *insert username1* since he left this site."
    This is in response to a user who accused me of having a false account, and called me names for 4 comments in a row before. I reported all of his comments, none of which got removed.

    Same topic:
    *insert username2* even assumed I was an alternate account for *insert username1*, and when I provided proof that I am not, he because a butthurt little 5 year old, and blocked me.
    I don't give a shit about anyone's feelings, I just want the truth. What EXACTLY happened with *insert username1*?"
    Again, this is AFTER he insulted me for several comments in a row. This was removed because it was a MEMBER POST. Because I tagged the person I was talking to. So basically if you talk with someone, and you don't agree with them, and you voice your opinion on them WHILE tagging them, that's a member post. Can't imagine how that's stupid...

    2) "You were a batch."
    The user asked why she got tons of downvotes, IIRC. I told her that the reason she got tons of downvotes was because she was acting bitchy. SO OFFENSIVE, right?

    3) "If you have a problem with it, point it out, old fart."
    I actually meant old fart in an endearing tone, but I guess some people have paper for skin.

    4) "Ah, yes. Tiny dick jokes. Well, I would shush up with your propeller mouth, saggy flat tits and probably fat, cellulite-ridden butt."
    There aren't even really insults in this, and as it says, it was a response to a tiny penis joke. Once again, someone can dish it, but can't take it.

    Need I say I get way worse comments, and when I report them, they never get removed. So yeah. When someone is positively stalking me, spreading lies about me, harasses me, or is just plain insulting from the getgo, why should I accept that they can do it without repercussions because mods enforce rules unevenly?

    I'll support removing the "I don't want to see this" option when becoming a moderator becomes an achievement based system, and not a collection of oligarchs chosen by G@G overlords (admins) to basically bully the average user and abuse their power.

    Inb4 "being a moderator is hard work, we have to remove sooooo much child porn, you'd be the same if you tried it".
    • roland77

      Real hatred and insults are not removed but only a bit offensive, boom! Please see my comment here for another example.

    • roland77

      I just got this:
      Post: Guys let's have a chat about each of your penises?

      Your Opinion removed: What do you want to know? I may reply in PM, not public.

    • roland77

      It was removed due to spamming or trolling, I like not to expose details on my penis here, that is intimacy and "confidential information deem classified", so only my girlfriend and ex' know my penis in detail.

  • Good take.
    I don't believe in anonymous opinions or gratuitous insults like the user in the screenshots did with you, and that's simply disgraceful.
    However, I believe in "My post, my rules". I'm sorry, but my posts aren't a democracy or a place of discussion, and if they are, they are so in the canons I set. Otherwise, it'd be anarchy.
    I apply this same reasoning on my job and other irl initiatives, and while this earned me enemies it also brought great benefits.
    It's not fair? I know.
    I pissed off people on both sides and political spectrums? Yes.
    Simply said, when I ask a question or experience, limit to answer the damn question without going into social/political issues. I don't care about them and I often warn against it.
    Because I know it's horrifying and unfair, but I can delete a post that took twenty minutes to write or a day-long convo in a second. And I do it.

    You have the full right to disagree or find me despicable for that. Feel free to blacklist or block me like many others already did. I know I'm a bastard and people of the sort always like to bundle me with the opposite political group when I delete or block them, but the truth is, I don't care about yours or others ideals.
    Just answer the damn question and be done with it. Or not, you decide if it's worth it.
    • Daniela1982

      That reminds me of Job 2:10, you like good things when they come but do not also accept adversity?
      No need to worry. Adversity shouldn't be feared. It should be accepted and embraced. In the book Character, by Samuel Smiles, it says: “In fine, stability of institutions depend upon stability of character... The people may seem to be highly civilized, and yet be ready to fall to pieces at the first touch of adversity.

  • Kas19
    I've never seen someone so offended over the delete option in my life. I only read the first section and scanned the pictures- I can smell the fragile ego from a mile away.
    • Wow. Speaking up means offended? If that's your idea then maybe you're offend of what I have to say because you feel I'm offended. Oh and people who deletes opinions are the one who are offended because they don't like what other people say. So meaning to say it's ok for you to delete anyone's comment to make you seem truthful and because you don't like people's opinion but not OK when I speak up and be called offended? Have you ever thought about that?

    • Ok you can say i have a fragile ego but nobody has forced you to come here anyway. So i just means you only came here to say i have a fragile ego because you triggered which makes you one. I put a trigger warning at the beginning so don't blame anyone.

    • Kas19

      I don't feel like reading two more paragraphs on why your feelings are being hurt.

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  • Daniela1982
    Wonder how many are going to block you after reading this? I will admit that I also wonder why people ask for advice/comments and then get pissed if you tell what you really think ( the truth) and don't sugarcoat your answer. But you have to tell them the truth in a respectful way, not by calling someone a retard. If you are going to go back and forth with disrespect then delete or block may be warranted. Some women in here need to put on their big girl panties and stop blocking for disagreeing ( WG). That goes for other unwashed miscreants on GaG. Why the delete option shouldn't exist
    • Aiko_E_Lara

      Lol i couldn't care less on who blocks me. My friends here on g@g aren't snowflakes.

    • Daniela1982

      In that case your mytake reeks of being butthurt by someone.

    • but doesn't that make someone to delete comments butthurt in the first place? And that is just what i am talking about so i'm just talking about something here doesn't automatically make me butthurt.

  • roland77
    Your mentioned option allows some sort of censorship and it defeats the purpose of asking a question and getting the truth said, even when it hurts a lot. Yes, truth hurts but lies put a nice curtain in front of it.

    My comments were deleted because of being offensive, I just made myself clear there why I found it heartbreaking, that lesbians play around with straight male's hearts. It is disgusting behavior that needs to be put an end to.

    And guess what they dare to? Just delete it, not even argumenting against it, because they have no arguments against it. How would my girlfriend feel, if I would be a gay (I'm for 101% a straight male) and play as a straight with her heart? Yes, heartbroken! But otherwise? All cool?

    I never use it to remove comments that are not racistic or any REAL offense but pointing something out and then being deleted is plain wrong. I made a myTake and I got a comment where I thought hitting the said option but I refrain from it due to keeping it for (as I said there) "entertainment purposes". It was a half-joke, as I kept it for other people to comment on it.

    And they can call you retarted without insulting you? Strange world we live in...
  • Timelesswisdom
    I think the original poster should be able to delete any comment they want and block people from commenting specifically in that post, but I don't think that anyone else should be able to delete except the GaG staff themselves and never for political reasons, only due to some form of actual direct threat or harm or excessive vulgarity.
    • roland77

      If all users here would follow that, it would be okay. But not all do, because they are insecure, mostly feminists 3.0.

  • smg99
    Sometimes we need to delete so it is not a continual reminder of pain if it causes pain.
    • If it's abusive it should be taken down by the mods or have it reported but if it's not, suck it up or use your words

    • smg99

      Well an opinion can still carry a sting despite the word choices, subtly and passive aggressively. In this situation it would seem tailored to hurt, yet acceptable to mention.

      Or maybe the author had a change of mind and decided that it is conflicting and sounds inaccurate. Deleting such opinions are necessary.

    • And what about deleting a response we put so much efforts just because the opinion owner don't like it? That low key hurts actually. The purpose of this site is to voice out not to be salty with anyone's comment.

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  • too much hate.. if you dont like someones opinion, or question, dont answer it or interject.
    • Why can't i answer it? I have a brain in a mouth to speak up. Again it is called freedom of speech and as long as i don't hurt anyone's feelings. if you don't like being responded then don't post anything

    • apparently people liked this comment...

    • So? Doesn't mean I can't say anything.

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  • JustWorthlessMe
    Oh the Mods are on their A-game when the question may trigger a fellow right winger... the cowardly anons can spew all the racist and sexist crap they want... but call them on it and the Mods are there to save them...

    Not to mention, as said in my question, they let those right-wingers make stupid comments/insults then block you... like the men they are.

    Notice this quickly before the Mods remove it.
  • ShadowofRegret
    I have ran into those same exact types, mostly from angry feminists, so I know what you mean.

    They should remove it and just stick with the reporting feature.
  • thechesseman
    Only if they're not displaying their name should you be able to delete them.
    • Well that seems reasonable anonymous poster have no power to delete anyone's opinion even if the opinion poster is anonymous

    • *should have no power

  • DDpsy
    The delete option coupled with the double anonymity feature is the biggest trolling tool granted to members I have seen in 20+ years of visiting internet forums and communities. I would allow it only to non-anons and even then limited to a certain number per day.
    • roland77

      Anonymity used wrong by trolls. Sad to see such development. But that is what Internet makes us feel, anonymous so we start to not think/feel that there are other humans reading what you write. And this is why the Internet is a very good democratic tool, where people can write whatever they want, until some softies has felt offended and cried and demanded those comments being removed.

  • Lance1965
    I don't like it but I think this site has way bigger problems than the delete option.
    • Well for you something else is bigger but delete option is one of the biggest problems here on gag

  • i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the people running the site don't have freedom of speech.
  • Phoenix98
    I believe 100% in right of free speech and that includes the right to offend or trigger. And that includes myself anyone has the right to offend me if they so choose ( though they'll have a really tough time doing it )

    But on top of that how can folks have discussions and debates about topics if you just delete any viewpoint that doesn't align with yours?

    Freedom of speech doesn't just mean the right to speak freely or offend but also the freedom of expression like ideas, morals, values even opposing ones because that creates debate, discussion, and understanding.

    Also lets be real how are people gonna survive in the real world if places just give them the option to censor viewpoints they don't like, it's like one giant safe space and I hate safe spaces. The real world doesn't have that option nor should it. Gotta learn to grow up and face things you don't like, you may not like someones opinion but that doesn't mean that person's opinion isn't valid or correct and vice versa.
    • roland77

      That comes with freedom of speech, that you hear/read/see something that is offensive to you. If we forbid offensive words, like mine has been deleted, more in a minute, then we don't allow free speech.

      Some people here say, I can speak/write freely but being respectful. That is true, be respectful, but it also limits free speech down to only respectful words. It is a limitation to say "you can speak freely but respect (not offend) others." Then you cannot speak freely, because a single person can come and say he/she feels offended and your words must be taken down.

      Back to my mentioned comment, being deleted because of "offensive". I found here on GAG lesbians making fun of playing with straight male's hearts by portraying themselves as straight females and then later blame him wanting her but she is lesbian. I found that very hurtful to us straight males, even when they mean it "funny". And I wrote it there and got my commented deleted.

      There I found the abuse of delete button, a form of censorship.

  • Darknut
    I got deleted and blocked from a woman I showed interest in. She unblocks me like two years later, spoke some got on gopd terms so youd think friendship was restored but won't say anything, or send me any requests or accept my request. ?
    • Daniela1982

      Were the initials WG?

    • Darknut

      @Daniela1982 no RP why who's WG

    • Daniela1982

      RP? You mean she was Role Playing with you?

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  • brittslitt
    I love the delete option. Gets rid of anons who troll
    • roland77

      Why not hit the report button and let a moderator take care of trolls? I do that when I feel being trolled.

    • Daniela1982

      So does the block option.

    • roland77

      @Daniela1982 Yes, I use block whenever I got blocked and don't want to see their content. Still it is technically a difference. With block, the content is still there, visible to other people, including guests (not logged-in users) while "delete" ... well, it deletes it, not being there for others to comment on.

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  • Karthik_1411
    Ohh la la
    Totally agrees with yo😅
    It's very annoying to face such😔
  • Liam_Hayden
    It is a ridiculous feature. At most the person using it should be able to ignore only for himself/herself without removing the responses.
  • Thatsamazing
    I agree. It's a big problem with this site. And they choose to do nothing about it.
  • A-man-22
    They should replace it with a new report option.

    Report:Troll and/or Report: unwilling for debate.
    • roland77

      Trolling is already included in selection box, unwilling to debate is nice and it may requires the moderator to read the whole conversation.

  • Andy1994
    Nicely put!
  • Lolz
    • @ClearSea I wasn't done talking so I'm just gonna say it here as the opinion owner just chose to be a snowflake and delete anything. So as I explained, A waste of time is subjective. You may waste your time doing something we're not interested at weather it'd be Facebook, posting on Insta or watching your kind of Youtube vids because not all times we do anything productive and there's time management for it so it's not an excuse to dismiss argument saying "it's a waste of time"

  • chillguy987
    I approve of this post just for the meme
  • Piteka5
    True, it lets people go wild
  • SamiDz
    Yes right.
  • Anonymous
    They say ching to me sometimes too.