How do you get a question featured?

Is there a process behind it? Who decides? How can you get a question featured? I will select most helpful to the most helpful person


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  • We don't feature any questions with sexuality topics, so keep that in mind.

    If you want to feature a questions (and you have at least 500 redeemable Xper points), click Redeem Points from the Xper tab of your profile page. Then INCLUDE THE LINK of the question you'd like featured.

    It'll then be added to the queue, as we feature questions in order of request.

    Hope that helps ^_^

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    • Sometimes we have no one in line for days, other times it's backed up.
      Right now, 2 guys, 8 girls in line...
      we feature 1 guy and 1 girl at a time...

    • edit :: 4 guys, 8 girls

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  • It's very simple. All you do is contact the admins here:

    In the drop down box select "Redeem Xper" and then in the text box specify that you want a question featured and include a link to the question. However, don't forget that sexuality questions cannot be featured and it costs 500 xper points to feature a question:)

  • Just go to the Contact Us page, and select "Feature Question" from the menu. Then paste the link to your question in the text box. An admin will see it. There's probably a lineup of questions waiting to be featured so it won't happen right away.

  • Go to Xper redeem ur points to feature a question


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  • It's an option of how to spend your Xper, if you go into the section on your profile to redeem your Xper you can send a message which is linked on the information on that page, it costs 500 Xper I believe.

  • XPer section, you email them the link to the question and ask for it to be features.

    I don't want MH. Give it to someone else, but that's the process. From there they sort it out.