How do you usually tell whether a question is just trolling or a genuine question?

How to tell? I think if a question is too outrageous and makes too many people lose their heads because of the sheer stupidity or insult in the question, then it's a troll question.

But I don't know, it might be a genuine question, although I only believe in it being a genuine question asking for advice about 5%.

So how do you determine whether or not a question is just trolling?


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  • The guys asking sexual questions looking to get off. It amazes me how the ladies here answer these questions honestly. "What does it feel like to be wet?" With the following question "Have you ever soaked through your underwear?" I couldn't believe the ladies here answered truthfully and seriously.
    Or asking what questions turn them on, or anything sexual that you just know the person on the other side of the screen is looking to wank. Sometimes even pretending to be a girl asking.
    Those ones are really the only ones I know are just trolling and creeps behind the computer. And tweedle dee and tweedle dumbs answering like this person really is just curious.


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  • It's like a sixth sense for me to see the troll, it'll depend on my mood and whether I feel the person warrants a genuine response cause it may help others looking @ it, whether my mood says call the troll out, or whether I'm in the mood to troll back.

    You'll figure it eventually. Plus me and 2 of my cousins, half our communication with each other is to troll. Like I told neveryoumind2 it's fun to troll a troll lol.

    • ooh yeah, let them taste their own medicine.

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  • If they seem to be ignoring your advice, and keep repeating the same response.