How to ban sexual questions from my feed or topics?

Eventhough i don't follow, it comes up in other topics as long the question included named topics.

is there an option to disable all sexual questions?


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  • i dont think you can try contacting the admin and see what they say?

    • thanks for MH :)

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  • You can filter out the Sexuality questions in LIVE FEED.

    Simply follow all of the Topics that interest you, as many as you like, then filter LIVE FEED by "Topics I Follow".
    You can even set that filter as default, only seeing a different LIVE FEED when you manually change it yourself again.

    I hope that helps!
    Please check out our FAQ to learn all about things like this -

    • As for questions having multiple topics, we WANT that so that more people see more questions.

  • Didn't you already ask this? You know it can be reported as a duplicate?
    Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can't. There's no way to disable a category. Jeez, I feel bad for GAG admin...they give GAG community an inch by fixing what people want and some people try to take a mile, then another mile, then a few more feet. smh


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  • It would be cool if we had an option to block certain questions from the feed.