What user has the most points on here?

Ok so a few years ago on Yahoo answers, there was a question asking who had the most points. And there was some guy on there that had a million points! He couldnt do anything with them tho, but he had quite a bit! Now Im courious as to who has the more points on here...


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  • ixi10 and Belgie

    • Oops, I mean Racez

    • Is it just me or the users with the most Xpers the ones that are barely active anymore? I've never even seen that Racez guy before, and Belgie and ixi10 have been basically invisible ever since the new GaG.

    • Yeah I have noticed that too. With the exception of a couple of them of course.

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  • Not quite sure, but I know it isn't me.

    • Lol! me either, I want to reach "master" before this site changes again :)