Who else hates the new GAG mobile reply/opinion box?

It's so tiny! What if I actually DO want to use 2000 characters! How are you supposed to proof read that effectively?

Can you please change it, gag!


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  • I also hate it a lot. I miss the old style. It seems like they "fixing" things for the sack to fix them. They should follow the saying "don't fix something that's not broken".

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    • I have been waiting for someone to address this change, so thank you! lol I was so confused when I saw that they changed it. Also thanks for MH ^^

    • Yes somethings that they did were a nice improvement to the website like the live feed.

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  • What device and browser are you using?
    I'm not having issues modifying the size of the text box on my Android using Chrome...

    • iPhone using safari

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    • I understand... I'm passing this along ^_^

    • Thank you! Wasn't sure how to let anyone know without asking a question!

  • Yes! Agreed 100%. When did they change it to this little box? It wasn't like this a few days ago.

    Hope they change it back, it's annoying and not very user friendly