How do i create an article this site?

I have no idea how to post an article I have been looking everywhere for something to click on but can't find it.


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  • That feature is no longer available on the site. Articles are still on the site but users can no longer submit new ones. However, I believe that the admins may be implementing this feature again in the future. As for how soon that will be, I have no idea.

    • What a shame I had such a good article in mind

    • Well you can always write it down on paper or in something like Microsoft Word and save it. Then, if/when the article feature does come back, you can submit it here:)

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  • Press on the little profile picture in the corner then press articles =) hope this helped! =D

  • We're currently not accepting new article submissions as we're focusing on tweaking the site, making it the best it can be.
    We will, of course, accept submissions again and will let you guys know when you can (and how to do it at that time).
    So stay tuned ^_^