How to create an article? Not how to write it, just how to create one?

Hey everyone :)
There's been quite a while since the last time I logged in and posted something. Since then, things have changed and I'm quite amazed by it, but the this is, i can't figure out how to create an article.
Yes I've checked the FAQ page, but didn't find anything about it, so I'm asking here. Hope it's not a problem.

Are articles still available even?

Thanks :)


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  • We're currently not accepting new article submissions as we're working hard to improve the site in all ways ^_^

    We will, no doubt, let you all know when we'll start accepting new articles.

    • Thanks for the answer :)
      Is there any topic/post that I may have missed (warning people about it or something :P )?

      Cheers! :D

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    • Thanks for MH too

    • Oh, so I'm not that blind then :P
      No problem :)
      Have a good day :D

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  • I JUST asked about this in a message to the team this morning and their answer was that they don't have the feature at the moment but in the future they plan to bring it back and when they do they will let us know.


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