How to remove the notification symbol next to the opinions tab?

A technical problem (possibly)
There always seems to be a sign (the number 1 circled in blue) next to the opinions tab on my GAG account, but i can't find the opinion that it's referring to, and that's looking through the latest 100 opinions or so that i've posted
Is there a simple way to remove it? I don't want to have to search through all my opinions just to find it..


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  • The opinion with a new notification should be at the very top. If it is a system problem, you can contact the admins here and let them know that you're having this issue. They should be able to fix the glitch for you:)


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  • It means someone responded to you in one of your opinions. If you click it, and read the response, it will go away. There is nothing in Settings to prevent it from coming up. You'll see it there if someone sends a private message, or if someone answers one of your Questions. You click where you see the bubble and read the response or message to make it go away.


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