A suggestion for improving the "blocking" feature. And getting rid of "Anonymous"?

When a new membership is created. The person is given 2 randomly generated "account" numbers. Example 123456 and 654321.

One of these numbers can be changed to whatever we want and avatars added. Like "ironeddie" and a batman avatar.
For #123456

The other number 654321 is their "anonymous" number and has a generic avatar. This account can not be changed.

So if I want to ask an embarrassing question. I write it, click on the "anonymous" box (it will work the same for opinions). When the question is posted. The identifier is the generic avatar with #654321 under it.
Nobody knows who #654321 is (unless the member tells someone).

The advantage to this is. If 654321 tries to troll around and be rude/offensive to others. The members can block him/her.

This should also greatly reduce the members who currently post the same question over and over and over again. Example 18 times in 4 weeks.

I am not a fan of the current "blocking" system. Personally if I block someone, I want NOTHING to do with them.

I'm in another forum that has a blocking feature as well. Which I feel is far better.

Example. If I block "JoeBlow" We can not read or reply to anything each other writes. This does not hide threads. I can still read "Joes" threads. But I don't know who created them. Because his name, avatar, and question is blocked.

So "JaneSmith" replies to "Joes" thread. The thread will now show up in my "Live Feed" like now. I can go into it. I won't know who the original question asker is. I won't know what the question is. Because they blocked. But I can still comment on "Janes" opinion..

Likewise when "Joe" goes back in. He can't read what I posted. Or even know it was me, as all my identifiers are hidden..

All the blocked people see is "This member is blocked" In place of the question/opinion

This is kind of hard to explain. If you have questions ask.


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  • It would make my life a lot easier if both their anonymous and "real" threads would disappear from my news feed. Then again, that would mean there'd be like 7 people on my news feed but hey - lol.

    Also, it'd be sweet if they block me, if they could just not show up on my news feed either. That way I don't have to type out some long answer only to get the "This User Has Blocked You" message and then have to sit with that answer all typed out in every opinion box until I finally find one to answer.

    • Very true. I forgot about the reply sitting in every opinion box.
      And I too would rather only have 7 people on my feed...as opposed to 35 idiots. LOL

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  • Yes! I agree there are to many rude and abusive 'anonymous' peeps here. But then there are a lot of rude peeps who are not anon. But it would be better if I colud burry the ones I dont like.