How do I get rid of an annoying thing on here?

I've tried signing out and going through my opinions. I can't get rid of the pink thing.

See it?


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  • It's possible that you may be seeing the notification for a question that is currently hidden, which means it's not visible on the site but it hasn't been removed completely yet.
    If you still see this notification tonight, please let me know and I'll look into it further.

    In the future, please don't post questions for issues like these, there's no need, just come to us as you'll be helped quicker ^_^


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  • U mean the pink notification? Sometimes when i sign in or in the site for awhile, it started to act up and change to a different format which is irritating so i hadda wait like less than 5mins to get it bak to normal.

  • Holy chit your using an ipod to access this site. This site doesn't seem very accessible via mobile devices I could be wrong.


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