How is GAG setup?

If I ask a question anon, some annoying person I've blocked can still answer but If I ask openly they won't be able to? Or blocked people can answer regardless?

Just wondering, thanks for the clarification.


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  • If you post anonymously, a blocked user can share an opinion and/or comment on your opinion.
    They cannot upvote your opinion though.
    If you're not anonymous, they won't be able to share on your question, or comment on your opinion.

    Remember too, if you block someone, it blocks you back so you won't be able to post on anything of theirs either.

    For reference, this info can also be found on our FAQ ^_^


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  • If you ask a question anonymously users you have blocked can still answer. If you post openly, they cannot. I believe it's set up this way to protect users' privacy.

    If a user knows who has blocked them then if you post anonymously and they can't answer, they would probably be able to narrow it down and figure out who you are.

  • You should set it to not allow anonymous answers to be safe.

  • If you ask a question in anonymous, someone you have blocked can still answer the question. But if you're not anonymous, they cannot answer any of your questions.