Use one word to describe each of these things about you and GAG. . .?

a) your GAG username
b) your GAG avatar
c) your followers on GAG
d) people whom you are following on GAG
e) the kind of questions you ask on GAG
f) the kind of opinions you give on GAG
g) the kind of opinion comments you give on GAG
h) your mood most of the time when you are on GAG
i) the best thing on GAG
j) the worst thing on GAG

Thank you for sharing!


Most Helpful Guy

  • A) Highly Accurate
    B) McDreamy
    C) Wonderful People
    D) Ghosts
    E) Antagonistic
    F) Volatile
    G) Menacing
    H) Unsure
    I) Depression
    H) Joy

    • Why ghosts? Haha.People here call me a ghost.

    • Well, I don't actually follow anyone, so it was a play on that. I'm stupid. :/

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What Guys Said 8

  • a.) Freaky side of myself/ kinky side
    b.) Me
    e.) I answer sexual/ relationship questions
    h.) Mood-playful, anxious, sad, horny, flat feeling
    i.) I like how Gag has little to no bullying
    younger females don't look at older males as
    terrible guys that's so sweet
    j.) The trouble makers who come on here
    and there and offer no value to the site

  • A. Heard the phrase on a Tupac song
    B. Serious selfie with little meaning.
    C. Don't have a ton of followers
    D. I follow who asks
    E. I ask random questions that I want insight on.
    F. Stern but fair
    G. ImCoasting
    H. Melo
    I. The people
    J. Debating over petty things

  • Why would you post that anonymously? And what's your answers, mysterious question poster? :)

    • Hahaha, I didn't post this anonymously.I accidentally checked anon on my cell phone.But since you said I'm mysterious, then I will let this question remain anon, can? Haha :P

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    • When did you come across my dark agents? You sound fierce and I'm scared.Haha :P

    • I don't really know who you are, but I carry the mark of Zorro, and I helped the Doctor build his time machine, and I know someone who knows Peter Parkers mum, so I'm keeping an eye on you Miss Anonymous. I know that's you posting thousands of questions with that name. Are you trying to jam the internet with your wicked scheme? ;)

  • A) Pandas
    B) Pandas
    C) Cool
    D) Interesting
    E) Political
    F) Sensical
    G) Sensical
    H) Distracted
    I) People
    J) People

  • A. My name
    B. Me
    C. I never check my followers, but probably just people I've talked with
    D. Mostly girls I think are cute/cool
    E. Spontaneous
    F. Sometimes helpful sometimes terrible
    G. Usually inquisitive sometimes funny
    H. Sometimes goofy sometimes sexy sometimes disappointed
    I. Cute girls
    J. Assholes

  • A) Kool
    B) Popstar
    C) Creepers
    D) Stalkerz
    E) Weird
    F) Honest
    G) Troll
    H) Attention
    I) Gurls
    J) Haterz

  • a jooocy
    b xtra joooocy "dat back!"
    c all pretty ladies!
    d dudes and ladies
    e all kindz all kindz ;)
    f honest and joking
    g same as above
    h happy and out of control
    i the community
    j nada

  • A) My name
    B) Me
    C) awesome people
    D) refer to C 👆
    E) weird random interesting
    F) honest, sometimes random, sometimes I troll 💩
    G) the best kind
    H) bored out of my mind
    I) everything
    J) girls asking if they're pregnant.


What Girls Said 6

  • A. My initials
    B. Me
    C. Cool people
    D. Cooler people
    E. Stupid questions lol
    F. Honest opinions
    G. Good comments? Haha
    H. Content
    I. The people
    J. The dumb questions the person clearly knows the answer to

  • a) your GAG username -me :P
    b) your GAG avatar-me again :P
    c) your followers on GAG- adorable~!
    d) people whom you are following on GAG-awesomeeee!
    e) the kind of questions you ask on GAG- FUNtastic :P
    f) the kind of opinions you give on GAG- Honest
    g) the kind of opinion comments you give on GAG-Emotional :)
    h) your mood most of the time when you are on GAG-Bored
    i) the best thing on GAG-friends
    j) the worst thing on GAG- haters

  • a) Sweet
    b) Sexy
    c) Friendly
    d) Awesome
    e) Weird
    f) Stupid
    g) Funny
    h) Blahhhhhh
    i) Users
    j) Assholes

  • a. nicknames
    b. me
    c. people
    d. nice
    e. curious
    f. helpful
    g. explaining
    h. good
    i. friends
    j. haters

  • Clutch is my favorite band and Neil Fallon is my babe.
    Dat Me
    No followers, I just started yesterday.
    I'm also not following anyone.
    I've asked none so far.

    My opinions range from sarcastic to actual help. But I'm pretty blunt lol
    Same ^
    Bored yet entertained

  • a) Songbird
    b) Me
    c) Interested
    d) Interesting
    e) Thoughtful
    f) Honest
    g) Playful
    h) Ambivalent
    i) Connections
    j) Hate