Should GAG change these few things?

Like two best answers, one for men, one for women, instead of just one.
Bringing back Q rating?
Not sending us an annoying message telling us to choose a MH every single time we post a Q?


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  • I don't like mentioning gender differences in any context so it bothers me actually.
    Did they stop sending message for unselected ones? I haven't realized. That is the greatest.

    • Nope, they still do that shit.

    • It is good to choose one but sometimes it is impossible. There should be some flexibility. I am really disturbed by those messages. LOL

    • I know, they are creepy.
      Yeah a lot of these Qs ask for answers that can only be subjective, so there really isn't a best answer.
      Like asking "what's your favorite color?" and giving someone MH for saying black or something. Its stupid.

  • I actually thought about the MH for either gender. It seems to make sense with the layout :P but I just wouldn't give any male best answers :3

    And yeah I miss Q ratings and do you KNOW what I miss? Q Views

    • Why wouldn't males get best answers in your questions. Out of curiosity.

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    • I fuckin knew it... it wasn't juicy haha, she was having drama with her gf. I don't remember half of it.
      I don't really have secrets besides my enormously gigantic genitalia.

  • Those are all awesome changes!


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