How do your questions become featured?

Question says it all. How do you get your questions to be featured?


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  • What she said. I just did that myself it takes almost a day and I am still waiting to get my thread featured


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  • Once you've earned at least 500 Xper points, you can redeem those points to have your non-sexuality question featured for 24 hours.
    You can click "Contact" and choose "Redeem Xper" from the regarding menu, then include the URL link of the question you want featured in the message box.
    You can also click "Redeem Points" from the Xper tab of your profile, then just include the question link.
    You will receive a message letting you know your question has been put in line to be featured since it's done in order by request.
    You'll also receive another message when it's actually being featured, to confirm the Xper redeem.

    For reference, this information can also be found in our FAQ ^_^

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