Does anybody else think some of the category changes on here don't make sense?

I know that there were a lot of categories before, some of them redundant, so it needed some cleaning up but I think it could've been handled better.

For instance, the "Behavior" section was taken away and all behavior questions have been sorted into the Guys Behavior or Girls Behavior section. I think it would've made more sense to take away the guy's and girl's sections and keep the general behavior section because now people who want to know about general behavior have to waste two to three (if sexual) category slots.

The "Life" section was taken away which was a pretty popular section and now there's nowhere for people to post general life questions. Same thing for the "Love" section.

And despite so many popular categories being removed, the "Marriage & Weddings" section which is hardly used is still there even though it could easily be merged with the "Relationships" section.

Any other thoughts?

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I think maybe adding a "Philosophy" section for all the general life, love, and existence would be a good idea. Any body else agree?


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  • I am not happy with these changes. I prefer when things are more precise.


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  • I find the topics, in general, completely useless.

    • I think it's a good system. I'd much rather just peruse the categories I'm interested in rather than have to sift through a gazillion other questions I don't care about.

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    • Yeah the overlap is kind of annoying, I'm not sure how to find a way around that though.

    • Now, there's only going to be one Topic per question, so no more overlap :-)

  • I think the general sections were more sensible than keeping the sublets.

  • I agree I feel it's too much for the category topics it just feels very cluttered


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  • We changed the process for many reasons.
    Before, you weren't "required" to select a Topic for your question, however this resulted in questions getting less views and opinions. It also resulted in admins having to do it FOR users way more often than we anticipated.
    We listened to GAGer feedback regarding the amount of Topics and how Topics were added to questions., the majority was not happy and even confused at times. So we truncated the Topic list and made it easier than ever to add a Topic to your question, no more having to type it out yourself.
    We also made it a requirement for the question.
    Regarding which Topics we merged together... this was considered from many different angles; how often it's used, the quality of questions IN that particular Topic, how relevant the Topic is to the idea of getting opinions from the opposite sex, how frequently it's followed or unfollowed, etc.

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