Where did these topics go (godthetitleistooshort)?

I haven't been seeing questions with news and politics tags and now I see all these topics are gone!

Any idea why?


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  • We changed the process for many reasons.
    Before, you weren't "required" to select a Topic for your question, however this resulted in questions getting less views and opinions. It also resulted in admins having to do it FOR users way more often than we anticipated.
    We listened to GAGer feedback regarding the amount of Topics and how Topics were added to questions., the majority was not happy and even confused at times. So we truncated the Topic list and made it easier than ever to add a Topic to your question, no more having to type it out yourself.
    We also made it a requirement for the question.
    Regarding which Topics we merged together... this was considered from many different angles; how often it's used, the quality of questions IN that particular Topic, how relevant the Topic is to the idea of getting opinions from the opposite sex, how frequently it's followed or unfollowed, etc.

    • Wow! You guys work hard :O
      I get it now, makes sense! :)
      Thank you!

      PS- I miss those topics :/

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    • I'm glad I was helpful, thanks for MH!

    • Hey this is actually a good idea!

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  • Didn't notice that before. They seriously cut down on the number of topics. I think that's a real good thing. Having so many topics was one of the worst things about the change in format earlier this year.

    The political stuff was probably moved back to the 'Other' category where it was before. Having so many topics was just too much and made it hard to figure out where things were.

  • Im the exact same and for the life of me I can't figure out why. Im sure I clicked to follow them at the redesign.

    • Its not about following. Even if you click on "view all topics", they are just not there >:(

    • I could have been sure there were more than 16 'topics' to chose from.

      I guess that kind of explains how the questions have become a bit 'samey' as of late

  • touchy subject outside the scope of this site which is meant to be about relationships?


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  • Too much controversity
    But people still talk about it