Do you like the topic change on GAG?

I have realized they change it so you can only pick one topic instead of up to 3. There are also less topics to choose from now.

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  • I'm kind of annoyed by it
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  • Yeah I would always use a lot of the topics they got rid of. I wan't them back.


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  • I don't "Hate" the difference but I still prefer the way it was before. I want topics to be more precise.


What Girls Said 3

  • Till you mentioned it I hadn't even noticed.

  • We changed the process for many reasons.
    Before, you weren't "required" to select a Topic for your question, however this resulted in questions getting less views and opinions. It also resulted in admins having to do it FOR users way more often than we anticipated.
    We listened to GAGer feedback regarding the amount of Topics and how Topics were added to questions., the majority was not happy and even confused at times. So we truncated the Topic list and made it easier than ever to add a Topic to your question, no more having to type it out yourself.
    We also made it a requirement for the question.
    Regarding which Topics we merged together... this was considered from many different angles; how often it's used, the quality of questions IN that particular Topic, how relevant the Topic is to the idea of getting opinions from the opposite sex, how frequently it's followed or unfollowed, etc.

    • Thanks Sparrow :) I'm okay with the change, I just wish we could pick more than one topic!

  • It doesn't bother me at all, but I guess I could see how it could bother some people.

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