My ex-boyfriend is giving me so mixed signals?

So I have dated my boyfriend for 4 months, and for about 1 and half month now, everything has been like heaven and just amazing. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He kisses my forehead a lot, especially before he is going to go and also when we have sex, he likes to kiss me on my forehead, although when we are sleeping, right before its morning, he likes to kiss me on my lips.

But now something really crappy happened, he is moving away, and we have had a lot of fights.. And now he has convinced me that we will be fine once he moves, although its just 3 hours away from here by bus. But then he left for a little vacation for a week to fix some problem that he had, and all the sudden when he comes back he tells me - he can't love me like i love him, being really cold and just not like him self. So we broke up, and of course I was heart broken.

The thing was really weird, 3 weeks later, he contacts me, asks me how i am, how is my life, what i am doing these days, and I'm just really confused. I don't know what he wants, both for the relationship and from me. Help please!


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  • It does sound like a confusing situation.

    My only guess is is that an old flame might of entered his life again and he's wanting to be with her. He's keeping tabs on you just in case it dies out.

    I might be wrong though.


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