What is going on with gag? Where are all the topics?

what happened to some of the topics? Like crush for example? Please don't tell me these topics are gone. Please stop messing with the site. It keeps getting worse instead of better.


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  • GAG is starting to get very antagonistic. It's definitely starting to go downhill a little.


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  • They condensed the topics. There were too many and it just cluttered the site. It was much more simple on the old site before the uodate when there were just a few broader topics. There are still 16 left now which I think is plenty.

    • I don't like it at all. Especially the asking a question, now you get to choose only one place it goes and it gets less views and feedback.

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    • I can tell by the questions I have asked since the change. Less views and answers.

    • I've had plenty of answers on my questions I've asked since the change.

  • I guess they eliminated the topics that received less attraction and/or mixed them into a general category. I did notice that too when I was on mobile. Seems like they are still changing the website.

  • It really sucks what has happened to this website.

  • We changed the process for many reasons.
    Before, you weren't "required" to select a Topic for your question, however this resulted in questions getting less views and opinions. It also resulted in admins having to do it FOR users way more often than we anticipated.
    We listened to GAGer feedback regarding the amount of Topics and how Topics were added to questions., the majority was not happy and even confused at times. So we truncated the Topic list and made it easier than ever to add a Topic to your question, no more having to type it out yourself.
    We also made it a requirement for the question.
    Regarding which Topics we merged together... this was considered from many different angles; how often it's used, the quality of questions IN that particular Topic, how relevant the Topic is to the idea of getting opinions from the opposite sex, how frequently it's followed or unfollowed, etc.

    We're adapting based on feedback from you guys.
    We genuinely want to make GirlsAskGuys what most want it to be, while reaching the happy medium, of course.

    • I was talking about the topics like crush, ask men, etc. that are now missing. And actually asking a question now will get less views and feedback because you can only pick one category. Two huge bad moves on this site.

    • We appreciate the feedback!

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