How do I get a guy to notice me?

So their is this guy, who lives right next to me, and I like him (ALOT!!).
He's in high school, and I'm in middle school so there is kind of a age diffrerce (PLEASE don't lecture me I just need advice!!)
We kind of flirt I guess, like tease each other, push each other around, call each other names stuff.
But I keep hearing that he is trying to impress a girl at his school, and I'm getting a little jelous...
When ever I look at him (sometimes stare) he says "what? why are you looking at me like that?" and I just shrug it off, but sometimes he looks/stares at me too. I'm really scared to talk to him because he's concetered like one of the 'cool kids' and I'm kind of like one of the 'uncool kids'. He is SO NICE and I really want to get him to notice me.
I bought some yoga pants earlier and he has kind of been checking me out lol.
But we see each other rarley and when we do see each other, he kind of just shrugs me off and dosen't talk to me.
He is a VERY SHY guy deep down, he acts all tough and mean, but he is a really nice guy.
I'm 13 and he's yeah...


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  • Well, you're already at a disadvantage because he is surrounded by a lot of older good looking high school girls who have already developed... I think thing you can do other than wait until you're in high school (risky strategy), is telling him how you feel. If he is a nice guy like you say, he will at least consider you instead of dismissing you as being a middle schooler. So ask him to hangout, or straight up tell him how you feel. Good luck!


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