My ex got really jealous and always staring at me, but then he is being really weird about it after?

Me and my ex-boyfriend broke up in december, and we are kind of friends with benefits situation, only the difference is that we both we have feelings for eachother, but he is just really difficult..

Anyway he had this birthday party in march, and we had sex that night. The day after I was sitting with him and everybody, and I could see that everything I did he was just staring at me, like when I was on the phone, I talked to some of his friends that was sitting close to me, and he gave me this jealous look that he has had since he first met me. But then later on when I have asked him where we stand, he goes just like what happened that night had nothing to do with the relationship, i didn't say that we were going to get back together to that happened. He just goes around the soup. But still he contacts me all the time, telling me how is his day, what he have been doing, has been long text messages, and it just makes me wonder what should I do.

The thing is I do really love him, and I have tried hard to get over him. But I just don't know how long I want to do this.


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  • You have already asked this question, but now you've just rephrased it so that people will say, "He wants you, he'll come around."

    He wants the perks (ie. companionship, sex, etc) and no commitment. If you're okay with that, continue. If you want more, end things and move on. He's been clear about what he wants and doesn't want.

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