Why does he initiate conversation, then disappear?

My guy friend and I have always been in contact. Until recently he's been weird, and I asked him what's wrong and he said stressed with work and feeling stuck. But then he said he was feeling better.

It's been weeks of this, no contact, he ignored my messages (he always is on his phone and we always have been texters). I asked him what's up, he apologized.

Now I backed off. Way off. He initiates convo but then leaves me hanging!!
For hours.

So I am hesitant to ask him things, like what are your weekend plans, etc. I just feel like maybe he really doesn't want to talk. Or he does?

How should I go about this? He's being confusing with me and he's not telling me anything more. So I'm left guessing.

Should I keep my distance or prod him? I don't want to bug him. I can leave him be but I miss him. I already let him know is been thinking of him and hoped all was well.

Thanks for any insight or advice.


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  • The longer you wait, the more awkward. Just ask him how's everything casually, don't have to be specific on anything. Don't Back off for too long before he forget about you.

    • Yeah I definitely don't want it to be awkward! Because I know exactly what you mean, sometimes it can.
      I just now asked him how he was today. But I'm sure I won't hear back for like 12 hours... :-/

    • Don't ask again until you get a feedback from him.

What Girls Said 1

  • let him come to you, if that is his wish