Please help! How to make an ex boyfriend respect you again and be friends again?

so if your ex went out and got drunk a lot and made a little bit of a fool out of her self on a few occasions after you broke up and when drunk may have acted a little rude to your new girlfriend on a few occasions (they got together a few weeks after we broke up I was so upset but it's not like me to aggressive or anything I'm completely the opposite of that!) and now 7 months on if she got herself together and became the happy positive respectable girl you first met would you change your opinion of her? Also what are good ways of showing to your ex you can change?
I just want him to remember me in a good way. We are 'friends' but he doesn't put any effort in to be friends.

His new girlfriend is so much better than me and she's not needy at all (I was towards the end) and we got very paranoid and controlling of each other (again so not like me I don't know what this guy did to me! haha) do you think he will always remember me badly? Is there anyway I can change his opinion of me?

Also quick questions: if an ex asks a mutual friend if you seeing anyone does that mean anything?
Do you think there's anyway even though he has this amazing new girlfriend he could come back in the future? (we broke up because of Uni and things weren't the same but I'm coming home next year)


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  • Dont push it. I am actually in the exact same situation right now. You are gonna have to respect his wishes. If he wants to be friends he'll try to be. However being friends with an e is very complicated and difficult There isn't a way to "Make" him want to be friends. You just have to be you and see what happens.

    • Thank-you for your advice :) I just feel so stupid for the way I acted and it's so painful to know she's so much better for him than me :/ I am happy for him but it still hurts. Do you think if he ever thinks back he will only see the bad?

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