Guy likes to repeat my name out loud almost loke he likes it..does this mean anything?

So we are both in highschool..and there is this specific guy who (I know he knows my name and knows who I am) likes to aks my name a I'll just give him my first name then he'll turn around and repeat both my first and last name out loud...almost like he likes it..does this mean anything? or am I over thinking?


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  • A lot of my friends also call me by my first and last name. Yet those friends don't know each other, so they are doing it independently. Even my fiancĂ©e calls me by my first and last name. I don't really know why.

    Is your first name short? Like 1 syllable? Because my first and last name only make 2 syllables. And it's a total of 8 letters.

    So maybe people feel like they're not addressing someone simply because your name is too short when they say it.

    • Well u have a pretty long name my first is 3 syllabus. .and my last is about 4 and its real long...he likes to repeat it again out loud..even when he isn't talking to me...

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