Should you date if you have no job?(need suggestions , tips. Thx!!)?

(I'M NOT 45 I'M 18 LOOOL)

I got a dilemma... I can't work, were I live, I either need to be a full time student, or a full time working around it. So I chose to finish school, I still lives with my mom LOL...I'm 18 atm (Short little summary bout my life)

Back to the question!
There's this really cute girl I hung out with (was fun)... And I wanted to ask her out... But at the same time I don't... Not because I can't... But with no job, what's the point lol can't do shit without that cash. I don't want to come across as some fagget who just wants to be her friend, how can I tell her I like her, but can't date:(? So she doesn't just friendzone me for not acting in my true feels towards her.


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  • Just take it slow and hook up with her if she's up for it. It doesn't really matter what you have right now but you will need to have a workable plan. A woman will expect to see either results or you busting a nut trying to progress that plan to stick around.

    You're worrying about something that's immaterial really. You shouldn't be hooking up too much in the early days anyway. Just keep it cool and fun. The best time in my life was when I had no job. Damn I miss those days.


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  • YOu are in a pickle because there is no dating for you. She might be fine hanging at you all houses, but not all the time


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