Gag users what do you think about gender equality?

Personally i think girls have a advantage in the social world think about stuff like : you can't hit her back becuase she is a girl, guys have to pay for a date etc
While guys have thr advantage on the working area while this difference is very slim it is present, but at work the social part is still there

So do you think there should be :

  • man and woman are different there should be differences
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  • equality is fine like it is right now
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  • only equality on working erea
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  • only equality on social area
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  • full equality
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  • There will always be differences between the genders. I just feel certain ones are ok and certain ones are not. Plus, every person's definition of "equality" is totally different.

    Right now, the laws are definitely biased against men. Men constantly losing child custody cases to toxic women who poison their kids against their dads... while courts make it worst getting retardedly picky on visitation... if even granted. Many states do not monitor child support expenses. Many women are getting pregnant off of rich men for child support and finding out their checks weren't even being spent on their children. Many women teachers are being busted with sexual activity to their underage students and getting stupid sentences of like... 30 days custody, whereas a guy would get ridiculous years in prison. Many men are afraid to even pursue teaching thanks to stuff like this.

    The other thing I find silly is this chivalry nonsense. Luckily women I meet expect to be treated as equals. I don't care how many girls hate me because the mature women sure do not. If you want equality, chivalry's not staying. I don't call treating people like human beings chivalry. Chivalry turned into pampering women and assuming they are too lazy to open a car door but somehow making it look like a respectful act. If a girl expects this kind of treatment, she has never entered womanhood. You can't expect to have a career and a house and all that stuff if you're too lazy to open a door yourself. Holding the door open is just a common courtesy when you're nearby and don't want it slamming in someone's face. Expecting it like royal treatment is just pathetic.


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  • It is already happening in china. Girls have more choices in selecting their country men. But the girls desire an old white dude with a good inheritance or high income job.

    • Don't they have limitations on # of children they can have? How does the "it's her body" deal work over there if they have that rule?

    • More boys are born than girls are. The second child can be adopted out or aborted or left to die in the streets.

  • There will always be biases based on gender

  • I don't think it exists because you can't say something exists unless it occurs all over the world.And there are sooo many places in the world that equality doesn't occur.

  • full full full.
    if i hit you, you may hit me. its only fair.

    • Thank you XD
      I always tell my friends i would do that if a girl hits me and somehow i am cold hearted :/ yust becuase i will hit back

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    • Im.glad i am not the only one thinking this way haha

    • There was a case where a woman who attacking this guy and the guy kept screaming "not in front of the children" because she had children there. She kept going and going nonstop until he swooped his leg to trip her. Because she landed on her head the news painted it to look like he assaulted her with some BS statement like "he could have handled it better."

  • What type of dumb question is's 2014

  • There will always be differences between the genders and that's normal and expected.


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  • Both legally and socially, the setup is totally biased towards women - look at how paternity issues are decided in court if marriages fail, it's somehow assumed women will be better parents then men who're forced by law to provide for the family which they're told they're forbidden from being part of.

    And not just that, look at faithfulness and loyalty - look at how many women in relationships choose to have a man as their gynecologist for exams of questionable necessity... and they're quite open as for the reasons, he's 'gentle' or 'funny' and sometimes just plain 'most attractive' - if a married man choose a girl to massage his cock based on the softest hands or best personality or looks - the girl would without a doubt consider cheating and his kids would be taken away from him!

    Women are massive hypocrites, men get a bum deal in this society... i'm f**king sick of it.

    • This is kinda what i was trying to show to people
      I find it ridiculous that woman scream equality while they only want our privileges gone while keeping thier own
      I am mostly curious how the poll wil turn out
      As you can see most women actually dont mind losing their privileges, was quite surprised

    • All women will claim they want equality, but in reality they don't... they want to have an easy life where they get what they want without needing to sweat and toil like we born with a Y chromosome do.

      They're massive hypocrits. Seriously, I think i'd be gay if it wasn't for the whole anal sex thing.

  • I'd like to just make a quick note. One of feminists biggest talking points is differing pay in the workplace. But when you compare people with same qualifications and the same job, they enter the market at the same pay. Over time, the man usually ends up with a slightly higher salary. Economists believe this comes down to men being more aggressive and better natural negotiators.
    In other words. This talking point for them is now null and void.

  • Men and women have different traits that they are better at. Sometimes there's an individual that proves this wrong but that is an exception to the normal. With that being said, I think women are the better sex in many ways with a few exceptions. I enjoy their traits more (physical, mental, emotional) and would rather be around them. I don't really have any real good guy friends cuz I just don't really like guys that much. Nothing personal but I enjoy women far more.

  • You will never get full equality. Girls who say they want it really don't. For example would it be smart for men and women to be in prison together? You can't be 100% equal but by no means should women get less rights.

  • i am ok with full equality...
    i would like to say, for the right woman who won't take advantage of me and care and like me the way i like her. i will let her lead my life happily.
    cause i see her as my better half...

  • This is 2014. None of your examples are true.

    • Oh really?
      A girl slapped my ass last night in a bar
      When i did it back she got mad and claims that's the privilege of being a girl
      The advantage girls have is very treu somehow they allowed to do much more to us while we must keep out cool while we can ve slapped when we touch thier shoulder
      Yust think about the things guys aren't supposed to do to girls, but when a girl does it its suddenly okay
      This is what i mean with social advantage

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    • And that is now considered sexual assault I believe.

    • Always check the condom. Don't fuck crazies.

  • I believe in full equality for men and women.

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