What are the different methods to attract a guy?

i'm a frendly persone who go out a lot like every single Friday and Saturday go to a lot of parties i'm smart but the probleme is that i don't find me beautiful at all even though alotof my family and cousins say that i am i have no confidence in my self but yet i see everyone better than me i tried to get this menlity out of my head but i can. in all of my 15 years i've been crushig on boys but non of them did like me and i've never had a boyfriend i'm not trying to sound desperate or anything some of my friends find me attractive and watnot. so there is this boy that i'm crshing on right now and he' nt in my school. so i want to know how to attract someone in general should i act spontanious let's say we'r at a party should i invite him to dance or should i sit by his side. Wht i'm asking is what moves shoulddo to attract a guy


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  • Karate moves, of course.


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