I wanna change my username, any suggestions?

please don't make a joke of this haha.

I really am wondering what names i could put.


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  • I want to change mine too cos everyone thinks my actual name is Willow lol. I love your username, it's pretty :)

  • If you change your username you would have to start from zero! That would suck! Don't change it.

    • really? oh fuck.

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    • Hmmm I doubt they would do that. Just imagine how many people would change their mind every two weeks? You know how many members GAG has? Just picture all of us requesting a change on our username. If they do good but I doubt they waste their time on stuff like this.

    • I don't really understand why that's hard on implementation side, though. If the website's messages are all stored in a database, then the displayed name should be linked to an account which is linked to an email address OR Facebook / google+ account (that's what makes it tricky? maybe); and if you have the ID of the person, the displayed name should be a single SQL statement, if the names are displayed based on the ID of the person, and not just everything is linked to the display name, which would be extremely silly to do if you have an actual database...

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