pPease someone help!! i changed my password and cannot sign in?

I already have an account here as insaan. I changed my password 3 days ago in Google account. But next day i just couldn't log in saying that my e-mail or password is incorrect.
I tried everything.. there are some tough questions i cannot answer.. when did i create my google account and all ( like i would remember it FUCK) and hence i am unable to recover it.
Just don't understand what's the problem? Your help woy be appreciated a lot.
What happened with my account after changing password?


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  • did you ask administration since you are here now?

    • Means? Elaborate?

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    • with google you should have had a backup account, they can send your info to just in this, if not I dont know, with the help link you typed in your message and then what happened?

    • I created new parallel account With reference to my previous old gmail account. This is new one.

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  • @diesboy

  • I know your password, it's **********. Watch out dont forget the caps and numbers.