How often do you implement your advise , you are giving to people on GaG, to your life?

How often do you implement your advise , you are giving to people on GaG , to your life?

Yes, question explains everything X


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  • I generally try to give advice based on what I have tried and tested in life, and believe to be accurate. I would hate to give misinformation, and risk hurting anybody.
    I definitely implement my own advice. I give myself advice every day. I can be quite insecure about everything I do, and I have this little thought process running through my mind - a commentary on everything I do - what I did wrong, what I did right (rarely), what I could improve, what someone else might be thinking of me, etc. I sometimes feel really stupid, and oblivious about major things; I really try to make up for it by over analysing myself.


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  • Hmmm... I feel like the only solid, tried-and-tested advice I give has to do with dealing with crazy parents. I implement that advice on a daily basis.

  • I live out what I say to others... I give advice from my heart and I always try to implement what I advise to others in my own life. Also, when advising someone I always try to view it through their point of view and be as understanding as possible. As far as implementing goes, I'm truly in all the way :)