What's the latest on reopening the site to articles. I have ideas for several.

Any idea when the article library or repository or whatever the heck you wanna call it will be up?


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  • We're not accepting new articles right now, but you, of course, can still read the many articles the site already had when the new version launched.
    Go to the topic, then click Articles.

    We don't yet know when you guys can start submitting new ones again, but we will let you all know as soon as you can! ^_^

    • What's the hold up, just out of curiosity? Also, any chance that you'll expand the range of acceptable articles? With all the explicit language on topics like Sexual Behavior, it seems odd to be so restrictive on articles.

    • We're still tweaking features on the site, for just a bit longer... after listening to feedback from you guys.
      Once that's relaxed a bit, then we'll change our focus to things like the articles.
      As for the content rules - those are always be evaluated and considered, so we will definitely be reconsidering and communicating any changes for those kinds of things.

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  • No News
    How do I write an article?
    We're not receiving new article submissions at this time.
    Don't worry, we will offer this feature again in the future and will keep everyone updated on when it's available and how to do it!

    • I hope, given the explicit nature of the conversations on some of the topics, that you'll significantly loosen the guidelines for articles. I answer the same explicit questions over and over and ideally, I'd like to point to an article.

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    • Am still waiting for the option to filter out anonymous + (18 to 24)/(under 18) questions myself

    • I'd like to filter out the under 18 myself. One could find oneself in huge trouble answering one of those questions too candidly.