Shouldn't there be more options in filtering live feed?

I was trying the filter option and there were all possible options for 'I follow' but none for 'those following me'.

Wouldn't it be a good thing if we could view options on those who are following us too?

I think that's more important cause they follow you for a reason and it makes sense to see them first on the live feed so that their queries may be addressed :)

What do you think? Opinions please :)

  • Yes there must be an option for 'users who follow me'
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  • No there's no need for an option of 'users who follow me'
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  • Maybe because you're anonymous or don't have a picture

    • lol I most certainly am not Anon when checking live feed ;) :D I don't know why but I wasn't in a mood to go open when asking this question - matter of fact I answered all questions anon at that period of time yesterday :D

    • I don't have an option to go open i.e. non-anon else I'd have done that lol

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