Can we change GAG new page formant back to old for our viewing?

ok this after noon I see they changed the formant of the GAG post pages. I guess upgrades are fine , I just don't like the way I see the post response pages now :(

Is there some way to change the post pages back so the girls and guys post are side by side and I can see four or six at once instead of scrolling down to read each one?

I mite as well make it a poll question

When answering post do you like the old format with guys and girls post side by side or like the new formant all scroll down

  • I like old format (side by side post responses)
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  • I like new format wheer you scroll down to read each reply
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  • i am actually growing to despise this update-.-

    it makes things SO much more annoying.

    multiple tabs?
    no more side by side views?
    opinion OWNER? WTF IS THAT?

    • ya I just notice I had a whole bunch of new tabs opened up now :(

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    • ha ha ha ha ha ha you are SO cute and adorable lol. What difference does it make to us the users - yes the new tab thing is kind of different but we always have the option of closing the older tab ;)

      When the old gag was this way & the 'new' gag came up with side by side viewing, everyone was angry and now GAG has gone back to the old style everyone's angry too lol

      But one up to you always :D

    • lol thank u qa=]
      @Raj: it just annoys me!!! like we FINALLY start getting used to something then it changes…. come on dudes -.-

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  • I personally am really hating the multiple forced tabs. I hope it goes back.

  • I'd be happy. I'd also be happy if GaG would stop opening a page everytime I look at a question so I got like 80 pages opened! This just started happening, frustrating!

  • Yes, bring the old format back, hell can't see my Opinions or messages right...Lol

  • yeah I like the old one better, and also, not opening new tabs or windows every time I click a link

  • We users can't, but the Admins can which I hope they do.

    • admins please

    • I'm already use to the new lay out, as it's similar the way it was before the last major update. But I prefer the previous side by side layout as it was easier and simpler.

    • scrolling down to read post and all these new tabs is a real PIA to me

  • I hate the new format because I gotta go through girls answers before I reach the correct answers from the guys. ;)

    • you know if you where so popular with the girls on GAG some of them mite take offense to that...lamo (even if it is true:) )

    • Yeah but its a funny joke :) lol.

  • The side by side made much more sense and looked better.