My crush smokes weed and is rebellious?

Ok so I invited my step sisters neighbor to come swimming. But her brother answered the door and came to swim later. Long story short I heard he called me beautiful, and I had a pretty smile. I've never really had a boy say that to me so I instantly felt attracted to him. (Didn't feel anything more than a flatter really. Kinda liked him) We have same intrests etc. I heard he got expelled from school cause he was rebellious two years ago. I don't really know him that well but I assumed he developed a better attitude.
Well today my mom just told me that the boy can't come over anymore because he asked the older brother for weed... We are both 15... He hangs with my 12 year old step brother, and if he is going to influence that type of behavior I don't want him near my brother.
I just felt so sick to my stomach. I dont know how to react? I know nothing could happen cause we are young but I just don't know how to feel.
I'm not into bad boys considering I'm the complete opposite.
I know I'm over reacting..

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Hey guys! Guess what? He asked for his SISTER an it wasn't weed it was hookah coals -.- hahahahahah thank you EVERYONE :)


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  • You can't choose what you feel for people, only what you do about it. Normally if someone is a drug user (especially as a young teenager) I'd say run for the hills but weed doesn't count the same as harder stuff. I'd be more worried about you associating with a teen that was drinking a lot. As for rebelliousness, show me a guy that age who isn't and I'll ask what ADD meds he's on.

    Watch yourself around anyone that uses illegal drugs though. They can (and might) get you into serious trouble that doesn't go away. Talk to your bro about that and make sure he knows to be smart too. At the end of the day if your folks think he's not fit company, you've got to accept that.


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  • EVERYONE smokes weed in high school. Not a red flag to me. But a poor attitude and him being around your 12 year old brother is a problem.

    If your mom isn't okay with it, it probably won't work out in the long run. Don't feel sick or get worked up over it though. Ultimately your mom has last say in who you get to date.

  • A lot of people do weed, it's the rebellious part that you should worry about. Being around a 12 year old with his type of attitude can be dangerous. Boys are always challenging each other to try new things. I'm not into bad boys much either. They can be cute but they're really scary to date.

  • It's always nice to feel wanted, but you're worth more.

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