HELP what should I do? (datingproblem)?

So I met this guy at my party one night. We had fun and I gave him my number. ( he just broke up with his gf a few weeks before, they were 7 months together) We started to flirt and things went very well and we were kind of together for 3 months. (nothing official) Then it suddenly was official but after a few weeks he texted that he was not over his gf yet and that he feld mixed up and confused. I was so angry that i ignored him and just went partying that night. I send him some pictures with snapchat to hurt him. (I'm not proud of that) So he didn't contact me anymore. A week later I texted him i was sorry. He said that he had the feeling that i didn't care about him and we kind of ended things.

A few months later he starts texting me again telling me he was ready. I was just still hurt and I didn't believe him although I really wanted. So I told him he had to leave me alone.

A few weeks ago he started texting me again. He asked if he had given me time enough and if it was ok to contact me again and i said it was fine. He stared texting me all day again and flirting with me. I knew he had a girlfriend and i asked him about it. He said it wasn't anything serious.. (I wonder if she knows..)

then i said something stupid. I told him i was still in love with him and i could not forget about him. ( I never told him i loved him before)
He just said. 'I'm sorry i confronted you with this..' We still texted for a few days but now I haven't heard from him in weeks..

I don't know what i have to do.. Should I just let him go? Or should I prove to him that I do care, that I do love him?

btw: I never texted him once, he always started texting or contacting me again.. Is it possible that he thinks I don't care because of that?


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  • Straight to the point:(No offense)
    Maybe he just want to taste other girls?, she broke up with his GF so suddenly and then waiting for you to take the bait and you caught it. Maybe later in months her EX gf and her will come back again.

  • He never loved you, so you made a mistake by telling him and by falling for him.

    Don't compound the mistake. Let him go.

    • But then why did he chase me for almost 4 months? Texting me goodmorning/goodnight, becoming angry when I did not reply for an hour, doing anyting to be with me, he even told his friends that we were together.. I'm so confused...

    • Take my word for it. He didn't love you. Let him go.

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