Is this guy avoiding having sex with me?

So this guy and I have been 'hanging out'. We've tried to have sex once but he got super nervous and couldn't stay hard. Now I pretty much insinuated (he understtod what i meant) that I wanted to try again. So we were going to hang out again at him house and now he wants to go see a movie. I'm so confused.


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  • You could probably assume that he is an overanxious virgin or that he has had failed attempts at sex before and is afraid. This is of course not a big issue at all except in his head.
    If you can get him to try a few more laps around the course, he'll be up to speed in no time.

    Sexual performance anxiety is BIG in the mind of guys. He could think "everyone would laugh at me if they knew I'm so pathetic...".

    So I think maybe you should say just that: There's all the time in the world but you know, a bit of practice needed here or we won't get anywhere. If he is a tougher nut to crack you could inform him that it's only guys who act like idiots around sexual mishaps. Girls (you) are generally nicer about it and less judgmental.

    One more word of advice. Don't start to think things like "perhaps he doesn't find me attractive" or something like that. (He wouldn't be in your bed otherwise). Plus, this situation gets worse if you add your own anxietis into the mix.

    This is a breeze actually. Don't worry, and just walk him through. Tell him every step of the way what he should do and how, and be supportive at all times. If he doesn't get hard, no biggie. Have him go down on you or something.

    • So do I just pretend like nothing is bothering me or do I bring it up? We've sort of ignored what happened.

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  • Need more info really

    But from what you've written it sounds like he's either got erectile problems, or he's gay

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  • Are you sure he is straight?

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