If GAG really wants a proper layout, at least make it with Responsive Design or something...?

As far as we know, the new layout is still HORRENDOUS as has been shown by the numerous polls where 98% people said that they hated the guts out of the linear layout and the new tabs.

So the real question is, if you want to update the site so badly, why not make it RESPONSIVE to the amount of space available? If there is enough space to render things in two columns, use two columns, if there isn't enough space, render in one column? There are many web-design technologies that make that available, I think "Bootstrap" is one of them.

When you're breaking stuff, at least break it to be better, not more rigid and less usable.

And I still hate the new layout. We won't forget.

  • Yes the new layout is still bad. I hate the linear layout of opinions.
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  • I learned that responsive design means the website aligns itself based on space available! That would be nice, considering the current layout is BAD.
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  • Dude, what are you talking about? The new layout is awesome with its linear setup and the new tabs every click. Such innovation, such ease of use!
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If you hate the new layout, I think the best way of doing things would be sending direct messages to http://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/girlsaskguys asking them to revert the changes, they might not get the idea from the 7 polls we made.


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  • Thanks for the suggestions, of course the idea is to make the site more user friendly, so we're listening to all of your suggestions.

    However, whatever changes GAG decides to make, cannot be made instantly. But don't think we're oblivious of your feedback, on the contrary, it's very useful for us.


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